Alexa Bliss’ terrifying WWE transformation under The Fiend

The sensational return of Bray Wyatt could hit WWE TV any day now.

Since Triple H was appointed Head of Creative, a number of released Superstars have made comebacks and Wyatt is “likely” to be next on the list.

The 35-year-old was released in July 2021, not long after his alter ego, The Fiend, possessed Alexa Bliss and started her supernatural transformation.

Even after Wyatt left the company, Bliss continued to wreak havoc across WWE channels with her darkness.

Her storyline has taken a twist and her current gimmick is more alike to her Goddess era, but there is still a hint of The Fiend’s work about her.

Here’s a look back at how Bliss was transformed under Wyatt’s gruesome alter ego.

Alexa Bliss transformation

Alexa’s transformation storyline started after she was attacked by The Fiend during an episode of SmackDown.

In the chilling segment, former friend and tag team partner Nikki Cross left Bliss alone in the ring, where she was taken out by The Fiend’s vicious Mandible Claw after the lights went down.

From there, Bliss began her spiral into the darkness.

Alexa started to feature on Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House and appear inside the ring with The Fiend, causing her friends and co-stars to grow increasingly more concerned about her as her appearance started to change.

Nikki tried to warn Alexa away from Wyatt, labelling him and his alter ego as “pure evil” but her efforts were in vain. After giving her an ultimatum, Bliss chose The Fiend over her friend.

There was a lot of speculation over whether Bliss was possessed by The Fiend as she started to use his signature finisher, Sister Abigail, during matches.

The two would terrify any wrestler they encountered and before Wyatt was released by WWE, they struck up an electrifying rivalry with Randy Orton.

During a Firefly Inferno Match in 2020, The Apex Predator defeated The Fiend and set his body alight.

Wyatt’s character was written off WWE TV for a short period of time and Bliss took over the feud with Orton. But upon Bray’s return, Alexa had outgrown her mentor.

Her character continued to become increasingly more twisted, even after Wyatt was released from the company. Acting as a solo entity, she embodied a supernatural being, equipped with a Playground she would lure enemies into, and her demonic doll sidekick Lilly.

Bliss tormented many wrestlers during this era and the unpredictable nature of her character made it difficult to foresee her next move. Even Lilly played her part in the show, with WWE alluding to her being a living creature designed to assist in Alexa’s evil doings.

It was only when she faced Charlotte Flair at Extreme Rules that she met her match.

Lilly was ripped apart by The Queen and a distraught Bliss took some time away from WWE.

Alexa Bliss Charlotte Flair

Could a Bray Wyatt return affect Alexa Bliss?

After Lilly was destroyed by Charlotte, Bliss disappeared from WWE TV for several months.

Her comeback was written into a therapy segment, which documented her attempts to deal with the loss of her sidekick.

During the weekly segments, Bliss’ image started to change and soften, reverting back to her gimmick prior to The Fiend’s influence. One thing that has stuck is the addition of Lilly, after her therapist presented her with a replica doll from the WWE shop.

Bliss now appears on Monday Night Raw in gear similar to that of her Goddess image. Her Playground has been scrapped and she has seemingly lost any supernatural powers.

Lilly remains part of her image but she is merely a doll for show, not a supernatural entity who assists Bliss inside the ring.

Alexa Bliss is one of WWE's most popular stars

However, the fact that Lilly is still around could be a hint towards the door not being fully closed on Alexa’s dark personality. If Wyatt returns, especially as The Fiend, could Bliss rejoin the dark side?

The Superstar herself has admitted she is a fan of the twisted storylines and in fact wanted to continue with the gimmick after her return.

“I wanted to originally come back as something more evil and more dark and more scary, but WWE had other plans,” she told Metro.

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