Awkward footage of ex-WWE stars being asked if they’re returning

Footage of Sasha Banks and Naomi being asked if they’re returning to WWE has emerged and it’s incredibly awkward.

Ever since Vince McMahon retired and Triple H became Head of Creative, it’s been speculated that Sasha Banks and Naomi could return to WWE.

In fact, just days after Vince made his announcement, reports stated that Banks and Naomi had both agreed deals wot return to the company.

For context, the pair haven’t been seen in WWE since walking out of the May 16 episode of Raw, with it being reported shortly afterwards that they’d both left the company.

But now, with Triple H in charge, it seems more of a question of when Banks and Naomi are going to be returning to WWE TV, rather than if.

The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions recently appeared on the red carpet for the premiere of the new She-Hulk film, where their reported returns to WWE were a hot topic of discussion.

Footage has emerged online of Banks and Naomi being asked by a reporter about whether or not they’re going to go back to WWE, and it makes for some awkward viewing.

The pair opted to ignore the reporter’s question completely, and while Naomi did interact with him after he changed the subject, Banks decided to walk off and not acknowledge him, as you can see below.

Fans have taken to social media to talk about the interaction, with many finding it quite amusing that the reporter thought Banks and Naomi would actually confirm to him that they’re returning to WWE.

As for when Banks and Naomi are back, many fans believe they’ve figured out the exact moment that Triple H is going to bring the duo back to TV.

Right now, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament is underway, and many fans feel that Banks and Naomi will return after the tournament is finished.

Given that they weren’t beaten to lose their titles, many feel as if Triple H is going to have Banks and Naomi confront the team that eventually wins the tournament to set up a title unification match.

However, that’s just speculation right now, and while reports state that Banks and Naomi are coming back, no reputable source has reported how WWE intends on doing it.

For more on Sasha and Naomi’s reported returns to WWE over the coming weeks, make sure you stay tuned to GiveMeSport.

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