BTS Could Perform While Serving in the South Korean Military

Good news, ARMY.K-pop idols BTS might be able to perform while completing their mandatory military service. On Monday, South Korea’s Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup explored the option of the group being able to perform during their service in a statement obtained by Reuters.

South Korean law states that all “able-bodied men between 18 and 28” must serve in the military. The group was first granted an exemption in 2019 when a law revision allowed BTS to put off their service until 30. The group’s oldest member, Jin, turns 30 next year, largely influencing the push to decide on the length of the band’s service. “Even if they join the military, there would be a way to give them a chance to practice and perform together if there are scheduled concerts abroad,” Jong-sup said. “As many people highly value (artists serving) in the military, that may help boost their popularity even more.”

According to Reuters, the country has been embroiled in debates about possibly shortening BTS’s military service from “about two years to three weeks.” The Bangtag Boys aren’t the first to face this situation. Other influential South Koreans, including Olympic and Asian Game medal winners, classical musicians, and dancers who have won top prizes at various competitions, have been granted exemptions that allowed them to either put off service or complete a shorter sentence, Reuters reports. BTS is currently on a hiatus, but the group is slated to appear on producer Benny Blanco’s “Bad Decisions” single with Snoop Dogg on August 5.

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