Edge hit out-of-this-world Canadian Destroyer on Damian Priest

Edge defeated Damian Priest during the main event of last night’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

Edge has spoken in interviews in the past about how fond he is of Damian Priest, even legitimately pitching for WWE to allow the pair to work together earlier this year.

As such, in arguably one of Priest’s biggest matches in WWE, Edge worked his hardest to ensure that the former NXT star got over in defeat.

However, Edge still got his chances to shine in the match during Raw last night, and not only just by picking up the win in the main event.

As you can see below, Edge hit an unreal Canadian Destroyer on Priest during the match, with fans praising the WWE Hall of Famer for being able to pull the move off.

The move was significant for a few reasons, but mainly because Edge, who was born in Canada, was allowed to hit a Canadian Destroyer while wrestling in Toronto for the first time since 2010.

As noted earlier, fans absolutely lost their minds after seeing Edge hit the Canadian Destroyer, with many simply not expecting the 48-year-old to pull the move off.

Fans were also quick to point out that Edge hitting the Canadian Destroyer last night was likely another indication that Vince McMahon really is out of WWE.

The Canadian Destroyer, and Piledrivers in general really, were largely banned in WWE during Vince’s tenure as CEO and Chairman, mainly as a safety precaution.

So now that McMahon has retired from WWE, and we’ve seen Edge hit a Canadian Destroyer, some have speculated that WWE’s new leadership team may relax that rule too.

This certainly wouldn’t be the only Vince McMahon rule that Triple H has moved to relax since taking over as Head of Creative, with WWE Superstars now able to stream on Twitch once again too.

Edge is also in the news right now for the emotional promo that he cut after the show went off the air last night.

Speaking to the fans in Toronto, Edge essentially revealed that he’s going to be retiring in August 2023, hoping to have his final match in front of his hometown.

Edge didn’t say that his plans were 100% confirmed, but noted that he’d like to retire in Canada in 12 months in a “perfect world”, which you can check out in full and find out more about by clicking here.

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