Edge & Kurt Angle recreate iconic segment on WWE Raw

This week’s Monday Night Raw in Pittsburgh had Kurt Angle as the special guest and WWE decided to have some fun with the Olympic gold medallist and Edge backstage.

The two recreated their classic skit of Edge passing Angle photos with insults discreetly written on the back, which would end up starting Angle’s “You Suck!” chant back in the Attitude Era.

Edge was more apologetic with his insults this time around, but wrapped it up with a card that said Angle still sucks. The former world champion didn’t catch it until after Edge had left the room.

Naturally, this has provoked an outpouring of nostalgia from fans, who loved the recreation of their promo from 20 years ago.

Clips of the original exchange have been posted, with comments such as, “just like old times,” “Now this is a good segment. Brings me back to my childhood” and “Some things never change but we should thank Edge for the one thing he gave us, giving birth to the you suck chants.”

Another fan tweeted: “This is exactly how you honour a legend when they come back for a show. Well done HHH.”

Fans commented that this was from a fantastic time for WWE, with one saying: “The golden age of professional wrestling. Those days were the best. Glad that I grew up in that era.”

Angle completed the segment in an open robe, with many fans commenting that he appears to be in great shape. He certainly appears to be making a great recovery from double knee surgery back in May.

One fan tweeted: “Seeing Kurt there in tracks and the open robe made me think he was announcing a comeback run,” with another commenting “Glad to see Kurt doing well after his surgery.”

Edge has recently announced his plans to retire on his terms, after WWE’s next event in Toronto. As a proud Canadian and a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan, he sees it as the perfect venue to bow out.

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