Edge’s ‘civil rights’ promo goes viral is still utterly bonkers 15 years later

Edge, during the height of his first run with WWE in 2007, cut one of the most bonkers promos ever seen on Monday Night Raw.

A&E released a recent show looking at the relationship between John Cena and Edge, with videos from the pair’s iconic feud starting to circulate online.

And one of the clips features possibly one of the most bonkers promos that has ever been cut on a WWE show.

WWE was headed to Arizona for Monday Night Raw in 2007, with Edge mixing it up with John Cena as the main event feud at the time.

Edge spoke about how he wanted to face Cena, but couldn’t do so because he was a massive “civil rights activist”, and Arizona was one of the last states to recognise ‘Martin Luther King Day’.

Edge said that being Canadian, he’s colour blind, so he refused to perform in front of the “bigots” in Arizona, as you can see below.

Things got even weirder when Edge turned to Johnny Nitro (John Morrison), saying that his Great Great Grandmother just so happened to be black and subsequently demanded” to face Cena.

Below is a complete transcript of the promo from Edge, which even 15 years later, still makes for some truly wild reading.

Cena, I am so ready to kick the hell out of you right now. But I’m also a huge civil rights activist and Arizona happens to be one of the last states that recognised ‘Martin Luther King Day’. I’m Canadian, I’;m colour blind, so I can’t perform in front of these bigots. Unfortunately for you, Johnny Nitro’s Great Great Grandmother happens to be black, and he demanded to beat you down tonight. Go get him, Nitro. Go get him.

As noted, the clip of the infamous promo has been doing the rounds on social media once again, following the release of Cena and Edge’s A&E episode.

As you can see from some of the tweets below, fans simply cannot believe that even in 2007, Edge was given permission to go and cut the promo that he cut on the Arizona crowd.

Edge has been in the news a fair bit lately, mainly after his match on Monday Night Raw last night with Damian Priest.

After the match, the WWE Hall of Famer cut a promo where he revealed that he’s going to be retiring in August 2023, which you can find out more about and watch in full by clicking here.

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