Ex-WWE Champion offers reassuring update to his fans on his future

John Cena has been part of some of the most iconic moments in WWE history, and he could be part of many more to come.

John Cena hasn’t wrestled since SummerSlam 2021, when he was defeated in the show’s main event by the then Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

Cena is now one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, and his schedule doesn’t really allow for him to have prolonged runs in WWE anymore.

So, given that he’s working on other ventures now, many fans have speculated that Cena could be drawing closer to retirement, if he’s not already there.

However, speaking to fans at ComicCon in Cardiff over the weekend, the 16-time World Champion confirmed that he isn’t done in wrestling just yet.

John Cena is one of WWE's biggest ever stars
John Cena is one of WWE’s biggest ever stars

Cena was asked during the panel about what his favourite match is, and he simply replied by saying it’s his next one.

In doing so, Cena confirmed that he hasn’t fully retired yet (via WrestleTalk), a quote that will come as music to the ears of fans of ‘Big Match John’.

My answer is always the same. My next one. I haven’t yet hit the point where I’m fully retired, so I can always say my next one. Someday, I’ll have to reflect back and pick a favorite, but I know I’m not done with the ring, so my next one is my favorite one.”

There is no word on when Cena is going to be back, but we do know that WWE has no plans to bring him in for Clash at the Castle next month.

John was actually asked during the aforementioned ComicCon appearance about whether or not he’ll be at the big show in Cardiff on September 3, and he said he wouldn’t, which you can read more about by clicking here.

Cena caught the attention of fans this week when naming his WWE Mount Rushmore, giving an incredibly unique answer to the question.

John said that he’d change up the format of a Mount Rushmore and only named one person, former WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon.

You can read Cena’s answer in full, and find out some of the reasoning for his rogue pick, by clicking right here.

Speaking of Mount Rushmores, in an exclusive interview with GiveMeSport, WWE Superstar Butch (formerly Pete Dunne) excluded the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin from his, which you can also read by clicking here.

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