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Former WWE Superstar Mia Yim hit a disrespectful fan on Twitter with a perfect response when he criticised Keith Lee for not losing weight.

Keith Lee, one half of the current AEW World Tag Team Champions, is arguably enjoying one of the best runs of his career right now.

However, things were very different for Keith this time last year, as the ex-WWE Superstar wasn’t really doing anything on the main roster.

Why did WWE release Keith Lee?

Keith Lee was released by WWE on November 4, and reports at the time from reliable sources such as the Wrestling Observer suggested that his weight may have been a factor.

Dave Meltzer reported a few months after Keith’s release that WWE management, led by Vince McMahon at the time, wanted the former NXT Champion to trim down and lose some weight.

However, Keith battled some serious health issues last year, with it being feared that he may even lose his life at one stage.

Keith suffered serious complications after catching COVID-19 in January 2021, even noting in an emotional statement that the effects of the virus badly impacted his heart.

Keith Lee was released by WWE in 2021
Keith Lee was released by WWE in 2021

Mia Yim claps back at WWE fan

Taking to Twitter, one fan decided to praise WWE Superstar Gunther for his incredible weight loss journey, but also slammed Keith Lee in the process.

The fan suggested that Gunther was told by WWE to lose weight and did so, and was reaping the rewards considering how brilliantly he’s been booked since arriving on SmackDown in April.

The fan, as you can see from the tweet below, suggested that Lee was asked to do the same thing by WWE, presumably based on the aforementioned reports, but decided he didn’t want to.

Mia Yim, who happens to be Keith Lee’s wife, unsurprisingly took issue with the disrespectful tweet and fired back.

The former WWE Superstar said that she was unsure whether Lee was even going to be alive at some points last year, being told that he couldn’t raise his heart rate at all.

As such, Mia says that losing weight wasn’t on Lee’s mind in the slightest, slamming the fan for calling her husband “fat and lazy”.

The response, which you can see below, was the perfect way to shut down the disrespectful fan.

Mia, like Keith, was also released by WWE last year, and has gone on to return to IMPACT Wrestling, where she worked before signing with the wrestling giant.

It has been speculated that Yim could return to WWE to work under Triple H once again, but as of right now, there are no concrete reports suggesting that that’s going to happen.

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