Fans think that John Cena just spoiled huge imminent comeback

Fans have speculated that Bray Wyatt is going to return to WWE, and some even think that John Cena may have just spoiled it.

Ever since Vince McMahon retired and Triple H became Head of Creative for WWE, fans have speculated that Bray Wyatt could return following his release in July 2021.

Bray showed during his WWE run that he was one of the most creative individuals in wrestling history, but it never seemed like Vince fully bought into his ideas.

So, now that Vince is out of the picture, the door has opened for Bray to come back to WWE and finally live up to his insane potential.

In fact, a recent report has claimed that WWE higher-ups believe they are now “more likely than ever” to re-sign Wyatt, which is definitely a good sign for fans of the former WWE Champion.

In a new Instagram post, John Cena has posted a picture of himself and Bray from WrestleMania 36, leading many to speculate that he’s aware of plans for Wyatt to return.

You can see the Instagram image that Cena shared below, with many thinking that the 16-time World Champion may have just given away plans for Bray’s imminent return.

Bray Wyatt could be on his way back to WWE according to reports
John Cena has teased Bray Wyatt’s WWE return

You can see some of those comments below, with some fans taking Cena’s cryptic post as a big indication that Bray is coming back.

Did John Cena just spoil tat Bray Wyatt is heading back to WWE?
Did John Cena just spoil that Bray Wyatt is heading back to WWE?

As of right now, no one is 100% reporting that Bray is heading back to WWE, but all signs are definitely pointing towards that at least being a possibility this year.

It’s worth noting that Cena’s Instagram posts are usually quite cryptic, but the fact he’s posted the photo of himself and Bray, while all of this speculation is circulating, is definitely interesting.

Back to Cena, and the 16-time World Champion has been in the news a fair bit recently, mainly due to comments he made at Comic-Con.

John Cena is one of WWE's biggest ever stars
John Cena is one of WWE’s biggest ever stars

During his appearance, Cena named a one-man WWE Mount Rushmore, which certainly raised some eyebrows, and you can read more about that by clicking here.

He also confirmed that he’s not going to be appearing for WWE next month, as many expected him to, which came as a rough update to many who were hoping to see him.

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