Former WWE icon returned to AEW a year ago today

CM Punk returned to AEW a year ago to the day, giving us iconic scenes after a seven year hiatus from the ring after competing in the 2014 Royal Rumble which signalled the end of his time with the WWE.

He’s always been a polarising figure in the professional wrestling game, with his attitude frustrating fans, but you can’t deny his pull and how many people do actually love him and missed him during his time away.

Recently, he’s been doing the rounds after his promotion in AEW as he is apparently unhappy. The world champion has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons.

Apparently, he refused to lose to Hangman Page, putting his own ego ahead of the company and leading to people being frustrated with the Superstar.

However, on this day a year ago, the former WWE champion returned to wrestling with AEW and the fans were euphoric at the shock.

It was seven years without CM Punk who had turned to UFC in the interim, although he didn’t last long in the Octagon and couldn’t adapt to the sport.

Fans were chanting his name as the iconic guitar riff of Living Colour’s famous track, Cult of Personality rung around the arena, sending the fans into a frenzy as he finally returned.

Although the song was a major hit in itself, reaching 13th on the US Billboard Hot 100 upon release in 1988 and ninth on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks, winning a Grammy amongst other accolades, it has become synonymous with CM Punk.

The band themselves have a good relationship with the Superstar, with them performing the track live at WrestleMania 29 as CM Punk made his way to the ring for his match with The Undertaker, where he lost to the Phenom.

CM Punk brought the 80s rockers back into the limelight for a new breed of fans, with him even joining them on stage to introduce the track before they performed it live.

He walks out to his adoring fans and drops to his knees, taking it all in, returning to the profession he loves, whether that be with the WWE or AEW.

We probably need to accept a WWE return is unlikely for him given his past with Triple H and the fact that The Game is now the new Head of Creative for the organisation, with plenty of changes made already, he clearly isn’t short on options.

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