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Gujarat Election Exit Poll:In the previous weeks, Gujarat election held. The Gujarat election poll exit is an important factor in the Gujarat election. There are total 182 seats in Gujarat assembly out of which 142 of this is General, 13 for schedule caste and 17 for scheduled Tribes. 92 is the magic figure in Gujarat. There are many reason behind this. However the Gujarat election poll exit is not released yet. Many media covered that Gujarat election poll exit.

According to the public surveys. Talking of the electorate there are more than four lakh 90,000 voter in Gujarat out of which The voters numbers of men are 2,57,000 and the number of voters in female or approximately 2,27,000. Let’s have a look at the past election result of 2017 election where the most probably The most interesting and bitterly. Fought election in the past two decades. However we can found the previous result in Gujarat election poll exit but try to find which government is in power is very hard.

Gujarat Election Exit Poll

Gujarat election poll exit the past two decades of the state history since 27 year only only one party is ruling in the state and the party name is bjp. no party comes to overthrowing the BJP Government in this period for the 14 here’s the prime minister of India Narendra Modi hOld is the status a position as a chief minister. Gujarat election poll exit even he became after Prime Minister the Gujarat election poll exit head rule of Bharathi janta party. However in 2017 the Bharti janta party and Indian national congress seen a great opposition in the face of hardness in Gujarat election poll exit.

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022

Look at the seats and a vote share of 2017 as compare to 2012. In 2017 BJP covered almost 99 seats which had the lowest in the previous decades. But in Gujarat election poll exit While the congress is performing best in the Gujarat covered almost to 77th seats.

State Gujarat
Total seat 182
Alliance NDA UPA.
Election Date 1 & 5 December
Official Website.

Gujarat Assembly Election Exit Poll 2022

During the campaigning Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal said that the Congress is finished in the Gujarat election poll exit state and the Aam Aadmi Party s the only alternative. Gujarat election poll exit had also released to say them and saying that the Aam Aadmi Party is only the opposition and all congress voter to Aam Aadmi Party instead and not waste their votes. Gujarat election poll exit However this campaigning is still for the a short period of time replacing Congress party from the main opposition party. Aam Aadmi Party may not necessarily eating the votes of congress party.

The popular belief in nowadays that Aam Aadmi Party will cut into Congress vote but there is another theory also BJP draws much of it support from urban and semi urban areas is also trying to establish its self. It has consciously stayed away from speaking about the issue of human rights and Bilkis Bano rape case etc. Assault of the lease and tribals in the state On Gujarat election poll exit.

Gujarat Assembly Election Exit Poll 2022

The Gujarat election poll exit in the other hand congress draws much of its strength from the rural areas. Mainly the home state of Modi-Shah, the eyes of the whole country are fixed on Gujarat election poll exit. This can be The easier it seems for the BJP to win here and the more important it is. The biggest strength of BJP is that of Gujarat election poll exit it has a very successful pair of Modi and Amit Shah in the gujrat election.

Gujarat Exit Poll 2022

The pair of shah and Modi has changed the map of Indian politics after 2014. And it can be seen it the election of 2022 in Gujarat election poll exit. Because of PM Modi’s face and Amit Shah’s th home minister and chief minister brain and saffron is waving in more than half of the country. In such a situation of gujrat election if the BJP loses in Gujarat then the image of this pair will get a big rise.

The BJP can which has been in power for 27 years is once again pushing for a big comeback But On the other hand Indian national Congress is trying to snatch power from BJP this time and aap is also in this race. After winning election in delhi-Punjab Kejriwal is now eyeing Gujarat election poll exit. Kejriwal promised that of freebies impress the lower class people a lot like electricity and water. Its also effect has also been seen in the civic Gujarat election poll exit.

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