Identity of first NXT call-up of Triple H era potentially revealed

Santos Escobar, following his loss on NXT 2.0 last night, could be heading up to either WWE Raw or SmackDown.

On last night’s special ‘Heatwave’ episode of NXT 2.0, Santos Escobar lost in singles competition to Tony D’Angelo.

The stipulation for the match was that if Santos lost, he’d have to leave NXT, so after failing to win last night, he’s now done with the brand.

Santos has long been someone that fans have said deserves a spot on the main roster, and following his departure from NXT, that now seems quite likely.

Santos played into the speculation that the stipulation will be adhered to on social media last night, thanking NXT after the show went off the air.

Fans thought that perhaps Escobar would return to NXT down the line to continue his feud with D’Angelo, but this tweet certainly now makes it seem like he’s done with the brand.

As noted, for several months now, fans have been campaigning for Santos to be moved up to either Raw or SmackDown.

WWE has been searching for its next Latino star for several years now, and many fans are of the belief that Santos is the perfect candidate for that role.

And now that Triple H is leading up creative, there is a sense of optimism amongst fans regarding the future of NXT call-ups.

On the whole, NXT stars brought up to the main roster didn’t fare too well under Vince McMahon, but there is a feeling that this could change under Triple H.

Santos Escobar is done with NXT
Santos Escobar is done with NXT

It’s worth noting that as of now, it’s not been reported that Santos is heading up to Raw or SmackDown, and this is merely speculation at this stage.

However, based on the changes that Triple H has been trying to make with WWE shows since being made Head of Creative, it really wouldn’t be too surprising to see Santos on the main roster soon.

It remains to be seen whether or not the rest of Legado Del Fantasma (Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde and Elektra Lopez) will also be brought up to the main roster if Santos does make the move.

Triple H is certainly fond of factions, so again it really wouldn’t be too surprising to see Legado Del Fantasma on the main roster as a unit if Santos get the call-up that he’s being tipped for.

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