Kevin Owens’ hilarious backstage interaction proved he’s a comedy genius

Kevin Owens is one of the most naturally funny WWE Superstars, and he reminded fans of that last night.

Since Vince McMahon retired and Triple H was appointed as Head of Creative, fans have been excited about what the future could hold for Kevin Owens in WWE.

Owens has been the subject of several stop/start pushed in WWE, but was arguably booked the best in the company under Triple H during his time in NXT.

As just last week, KO brought back his old ‘Prizefighter’ character, a real indication that Triple H sees him as one of his top guys.

But on Raw Talk following last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Owens reminded fans that he can do a lot more than just being a serious character.

A clip has been going around on social media featuring Kevin showing off his more funny side during last night’s episode of Raw Talk.

The clip, which you can see below, shows Owens saying that the ‘Kevin Owens show’ is better than ever before, before winking and before going to walking off.

In what was likely an unscripted moment, KO then steps back and told Kevin Patrick to not take the wink personally, stating that the wink was collective as opposed to being directed at the interviewer.

KO then told Patrick that he was “very handsome”, stressing that the Irishman should “never forget that” in what was a pretty entertaining little exchange.

Patrick then said that he looked forward to seeing Owens with a title again, before KO checked back and thanked the interviewer for his remark.

Kevin Owens could be set for a big push in WWE
Kevin Owens could be set for a big push in WWE

WWE has reportedly stopped scripting all of its wrestlers since Vince McMahon retired, and Kevin Owens has proved that he’s more than comfortable going out without direction on the mic.

His interaction with Kevin Patrick was just the latest example of Owens’ being an all-round star, especially when compared with his fantastic, serious promo on Drew McIntyre last week.

As covered, Owens is expected to be one of the WWE Superstars to benefit the most from Vince McMahon retiring and Triple H becoming Head of Creative.

Some have even speculated that due to Owens and Sami Zayn now both being involved with The Bloodline, the pair would reunite as a tag team to take the Undisputed Tag Team Championship off The Usos.

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