Kurt Angle’s version of Shawn Michaels’ theme song was undeniably hilarious

Kurt Angle’s comedic skills made him one of the best all-round characters in WWE history, which was illustrated hilariously in a brilliant segment where he gave a rendition of Shawn Michaels’ iconic theme song, titled “Sexy Kurt.”

The two icons of the industry were embroiled in a heated rivalry that started at the Royal Rumble 2005 and led to a WrestleMania 21 classic, as well a series of other matches later in the year.

The issue in focus was a first-time meeting between the two, and who was the better man – Angle entered the WWE after Michaels’ first retirement, while he was exclusively on the Smackdown roster when HBK returned to Raw in 2002.

Most of the build up to the match at ‘Mania was highly intense but this segment showed again the comedic skills that both men possessed, with Angle taking centre stage on the March 24th, 2005 episode of Smackdown.

Earlier in the show, Kurt had promised another blast from Michaels’ past – the week prior he had made his old Rockers tag team partner Marty Jannetty tap out to the ankle lock.

When Michaels’ music hit later in the night, fans popped until they realised it was the Olympic Gold Medalist in his ring attire, funnily with an X marked across HBK on the t-shirt. The blast from the past was then revealed to be Sensational Sherri, The Showstopper’s manager from 13 years earlier.

In the ring, Angle said he had proven he was a better wrestler than Michaels and now it was time to prove he was a better entertainer. He referenced Sherri singing the opening line to “Sexy Boy” (she actually sang the full song before Michaels changed it to his own vocals), but also his belief that the song sucked.

He mentioned how Michaels thought he was so great singing his own but that “anything you can do; we can do better” and called for the music to be hit. Cue “Sexy Boy” with a twist, the hilariously brilliant “Sexy Kurt” ft. Sensational Sherri.

Angle went all in, belting out the song and gyrating around the ring like a young HBK.

The iconic lyrics went as follows:

“I think I’m cute, I got gold medals, I’ve got the moves that makes ’em all tap out, The Angle Slam, The Ankle Lock, Marty Jannetty, still can’t walk!!”

“I’m just a sexy Kurt (sexy Kurt), I’ll make your ankle hurt (ankle hurt)” X2

“Woo! That’s right Shawn, eat your heart out, hands off the merchandise, Woooooooooo!”

Once the performance finished, HBK interrupted the duo on the TitanTron. He said hi to Sherri before telling Angle like he had done himself on Raw earlier in the week, it was time for him to show off his best bits to the Smackdown audience.

A highlights package was shown, highlighting what made Shawn Michaels so great, much to the anger of Angle. His anger was heightened by Sherri’s enjoyment which led to the inevitable conclusion – Angle snapping and putting her in the ankle lock, another attack on HBK through an old friend.

Their WrestleMania match ended with Michaels similarly tapping out, before the series was tied at Vengeance later in the year and then ended with a draw in an Iron Man match. Two of the absolute best to do it could not be separated.

The segment has only grown in stature over the years and was brought out once again during Kurt’s Hall of Fame speech in 2017 to the delight of all in attendance including Michaels who struggled to stay on his chair such was his laughter.

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