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The 79th Venice International Film Festival brings together aficionados from all over the world to recognize actors, directors, writers and achievements in filmmaking. One of the first stops during awards season, it aims to promote international cinema while fostering a better understanding of the history of the art form. The festival’s virtual site, the Sala Web Theatre, allows those unable to attend in person to watch a select number of short and feature-length films concurrently with the official premieres at the event.

New technology is making it possible to create immersive home theaters and take our viewing experience to heights few could have imagined, including the ability to enjoy award-winning films like Buddy VR from the comfort of home. And as the need to create a captivating place to watch your favorite content grows, you need the best technology to make that reality possible.

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While home cinemas are undeniably the future of film and TV, movie theaters are equipped with state-of-the-art technology when it comes to screens, speakers and more — and it takes work to create an equally compelling and immersive experience at home. When selecting a viewing device for your home cinema, picture quality, brightness and audio are paramount.

These areas are where innovative projectors like the LG CineBeam effortlessly deliver. A true leader in the home theater category, the CineBeam offers stunning 4K picture quality with minimal setup. In fact, its ultra-short throw capabilities make it easy to place the projector almost anywhere in the room. You only need about a half-foot of space from the wall to create up to a 120-inch screen. LG CineBeam’s ultra-short throw projector can naturally add an air of luxury and elegance to home interiors. The model also features adaptive contrast, so you get the most vibrant colors in every scenario.

But since many rooms have windows that can interfere with visibility, it’s equally as important to find a device that can offer the brightness you need for your favorite films and TV shows. With the LG CineBeam HU915QE 3,700 ANSI Lumens Brightness, auto-brightness capabilities excel, allowing it to take in both ambient lighting and onscreen content to deliver the optimal level of lighting for your viewing — both in a darkened room and in natural lighting.

Audio is the last core component in creating great home cinema, and it’s important to have a system that provides for an immersive experience. Most projectors come with lackluster speakers — some older models lack speakers altogether — but the CineBeam creates an immersive, surround sound with its four 10W speakers, which emit audio from all sides. That way, in an innovative break with the status quo, you don’t need a traditional sound system to enjoy a quality audio experience.

After two years of intermittent lockdowns, how we watch movies has drastically changed: demand for home theaters has grown exponentially, and blockbuster films are routinely released on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, etc. — a shift that’s even caused controversy for those who haven’t yet adjusted to the new paradigm. According to Globe Newswire, the home theater market is expected to grow from $22.77 billion in 2021 to $27.24 billion in 2022 — and reach $54.78 billion in 2026. And even as pandemic restrictions have lifted, the home theater revolution continues to grow. Create your own home cinema with the LG CineBeam, and enjoy the Venice festival in celebrating great achievements in filmmaking.

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