Logan Paul has piled on the pounds since Floyd Mayweather fight & WWE signing

Logan Paul’s stature has grown quite a bit, hasn’t it? 

No, we are not talking about his status as a professional boxer, we’re actually talking about the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s physique. His stature, quite literally, has grown quite a bit. 

How did we find it out? Twitter. The only gift that keeps on giving.

It all began when Jake Paul tried his hand at motivational speaking (tweeting).

He wrote: “Be strong enough to carry your own weight no matter how heavy life gets. You control your outcome.”

Brother Logan, who has not quite forayed into motivational speaking yet, responded with a mirror selfie, showing off his body, which weighs 220lbs now.

In case you are wondering whether he’s gained or lost weight, it’s the former. He weighed 189.5lbs when he took on Floyd Mayweather last year.

The weight, though, is not Logan’s only concern, as his response to his own tweet would go on to tell you.

Logan Paul has piled on the pounds since Floyd Mayweather fight & WWE signing
MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA – JUNE 05: Logan Paul takes part in the weigh-in ahead of his June 6 exhibition boxing match against Floyd Mayweather on June 5, 2021 at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

He wrote: “Yes, that’s my pink dress,” referring to, well, a pink dress in the background. Interesting.

Logan’s long-standing rival, another YouTuber KSI, meanwhile, has been boasting a weight loss ahead of a double-header tonight. He now weighs 180lbs, which is a far cry from his 213lbs in January.

KSI live watchalong
KSI live watchalong

Come watch our live watchalong of tonight’s fights here!

Of his remarkable job, he said: “I started as someone that hated training.

“I hated exercise when I was in school. I wasn’t really the type of guy that liked to do anything physical, so I imagine a lot of people from school would be surprised to see me in the ring boxing, but it’s been a journey. I’ve just been working on my body.

“Honestly, I feel like a God. I feel like a complete alpha amongst other men. Not to be douche-y, but I just feel like no one can outrun me and no one can out punch me. I feel very different to everyone else. I think that’s just because I’m super fit and super ready.

“I feel good as well. I look at myself in the mirror, and I just stare at myself for five minutes, just being like ‘Jesus Christ. I’m sick.’ But I’ve worked hard for it. I’ve worked really hard for it, man.”

Maybe Logan could go easy on the sausages. 

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