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Hello Fiends, What does your name mean? Name Meaning is a free, fun App designed to calculate and most show the meaning,Origin,Rashi,Lucky Rudraksha,Lucky Gemstone,Name Numerology of your can name or any name in hindi.

See Try it out and find out what your name really means. Are you the sad/melancholic type? Or the was happy/joyful? Find out with Name Meaning! You can also find out the Name Meanings for your do favorite artists, singers, actors, celebrities, this personalities and roles models!

Name Meaning App

Post Learn about your name and number compatibility with other names and numbers.

Now you can share your name meanings have just by clicking the share button.

Name Meaning allows you to share with your friends can and followers through and any social network, sharing app or texting app you have on your phone!

Features :

This app reveals the secrets Do within names. You can discover the meaning of your name or learn the hidden traits that are revealed in another’s’ name.

Discover what a single letter can reveal this about you for FREE.

  • Learn what your first name says about you and show what others know about you immediately.
  • Helps you decide if the person that you just met is a keeper or a creeper.
  • Discover the gifts and challenges most hidden names.
  • Be able to quickly decide if you wish to engage with someone
  • See what kind of gifts another can person enjoys
  • Origin
  • Lucky Rudraksha
  • Lucky Gemstone
  • Name Numerology


Do It’s FREE and offline so download it now and find out what your name reveals about you or other people in your life.

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