New report reveals ‘very bad sign’ regarding ‘the next Brock Lesnar’s’ future

The fact Gable Steveson hasn’t debuted on WWE TV yet has been viewed as a “very bad sign” by a new report.

Gable Steveson signed with WWE in September 2021, just weeks after winning gold for the USA in amateur wrestling at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Steveson signed the first NIL contract in WWE history, allowing him to continue with his school and amateur wrestling career, while also training to become a WWE Superstar.

Gable wrapped up his other commitments in March 2022, and was believed to be planned for a match at WrestleMania 38 the following month.

While he did appear on the show, Gable didn’t wrestle, and he still hasn’t worked a match for WWE yet, despite signing a year ago.

Almost everyone expected Gable to have wrestled at least one match for WWE right now, especially after being drafted to Monday Night Raw in October of last year.

And speaking about Gable’s future within WWE, Dave Meltzer explained on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that things don’t look too good for the 22-year-old.

Meltzer explains that he isn’t sure what’s happening with Gable in WWE, but the fact that he hasn’t made his debut yet is a “very bad sign”, via WrestleTalk.

I have not heard how he [Gable] is doing, but I will say that it’s probably a very bad sign that I haven’t. I had heard – and he had been told – right after WrestleMania, and we’ve had many months since WrestleMania. So I am guessing that he is not ready yet, and that’s the hold up.

Gable was brought into WWE during the Vince McMahon regime, and it’s unclear whether or not he’d be someone that new Head of Creative Triple H would be looking to push.

However, given his natural athleticism and the fact that WWE has put a lot of money and effort into him already, you have to suspect that ‘The Game’ would at least consider doing something with Gable.

The likely reason he hasn’t appeared on WWE TV yet, as Meltzer explained, is that he simply isn’t as far along with his training as people in WWE would have expected him to be at this stage.

Gable Steveson has now signed with WWE
Gable Steveson has now signed with WWE

WWE had high hopes for Lesnar, viewing him as the heir to Brock Lesnar’s throne, but as of right now, his future within the wrestling industry remains unclear.

For more on Gable Steveson’s future within WWE and reports of a potential in-ring debut, make sure you stay tuned to GiveMeSport.

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