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Professional wrestling has a fair few brands, but it’s the WWE that leads the way by some distance when it comes to the sheer size of the companies.

They have their academy product in NXT, with their main competitor being AEW, who have former WWE Superstar CM Punk, someone who certainly isn’t shy of making massive headlines for any reason, wrong or right.

However, it can be hard to rank them given the difference in brands, but we have an updated list of the 10 best wrestlers as of right now from PWI500.

The Tribal Chief

It’s no shock to anyone that Roman Reigns will top this list, he’s been a formidable force in the WWE for a few years now, and despite going part-time, he’s still dominating.

For a number of years, The Tribal Chief hasn’t suffered a pinfall or submission loss, becoming the longest serving Universal Champion in the history of the company, the sixth-longest reign of all time.

On top of this, it appears Triple H has no plans to see the title change hands this year, so who knows how long he can dominate for?

Roman Reigns is now WWE's top star
Roman Reigns is now WWE’s top star

CM Punk

Well, well, well. Where do you start with CM Punk? An incredibly polarising figure in the sport, whose frosty ending with the WWE saw him leading the AEW promotion, although that hasn’t been a smooth running operation, what a shock!

He recently made the headlines again, but for the wrong reasons (pretends to be shocked) as he went on a crazy tirade on the big bosses and his colleagues at AEW.

Despite all the recent controversy, he still gets a podium spot, ranking third best on the current list. Maybe he really did deserve that WrestleMania main event slot after all?

CM Punk AEW Injury Return
Image Credit: AEW

Adam Page

You can hear CM Punk’s cheers from here as his rival, Hangman Page, is just behind him on the list in fourth place.

Page was one of the main targets of CM Punk’s non-scripted rant recently, so there’s clearly a lot of bad blood between the two away from the screens, so for The Cookie Monster to get one up on Page will be a real cause for satisfaction.

Adam Page holding AEW World Championship

Bobby Lashley

Shocking nobody on this list is the iconic Bobby Lashely. He has been around the WWE for a long time now, currently holding a well-deserved title.

He’s held eight titles previously in his career, but he currently holds the Unites States Championship in his third reign, current champions are almost a certainty on a list such as this.

Full list:

10. Jonathan Gresham

9. Big E

8. Hijo del Vikingo

7. Bryan Danielson

6. Cody Rhodes

5. Bobby Lashley

4. Adam Page

3. CM Punk

2. Okada

1. Roman Reigns

Do you agree with the current list?

How many world titles has Roman Reigns held in WWE?

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