Rey Mysterio lays out retirement plan following Edge’s shock announcement

Less than 24 hours after Edge revealed that he plans on retiring from WWE, Rey Mysterio has also revealed his plans to step away from the ring.

After last night’s episode of Raw went off the air, Edge cut an emotional promo to the fans in his hometown of Toronto, Canada.

Edge told the fans in attendance that he hopes to be able to retire in the same city this time next year, essentially saying that he’s only got 12 months left in the ring.

The promo was incredibly heartfelt and emotional, and you can watch it by clicking this link here.

And in what will be another blow for WWE, it seems like Edge won’t be the only legend stepping away from the ring in the not-too-distant future.

During a recent interview with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, Rey Mysterio revealed that his retirement really isn’t too far away.

Rey did seem less certain on the exact date that he plans to step away from the ring by Edge, but specified that he doesn’t particularly want to wrestle in his 50s.

Mysterio did seem to suggest that he’d reconsider things and potentially continue wrestling if he felt fine when he hit 50, but as of right now, he does plan on stepping away from the ring in a few years.

I tell myself that I want to go three more years and I don’t want to go past fifty. But then I remind myself, what if I feel good. Can you still go another year? As of right now, my date has always been to not go over fifty.

Rey Mysterio is one of the best WWE stars ever
Rey Mysterio is one of the best WWE stars ever

For context, the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion turns 48 at the end of this year, so will be turning 50 on December 11, 2024.

This means that WWE fans probably only have around two and a half years of Rey in the ring before he decides to step away and hang up his boots.

That would also mean that, should Edge keep to his word and step away from the ring in August 2023, WWE could lose two of its biggest stars ever within the space of 18 months.

However, with money always on the table and the option of working fewer dates, there’s always a chance that Rey and Edge for that matter be convinced to stay on with new deals that work for them.

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