Roman Reigns includes The Rock but leaves out John Cena

Roman Reigns has named his WWE Mount Rushmore, which includes The Rock, but the Undisputed Champion has surprisingly left out John Cena.

WWE Superstars naming their Mount Rushmores always sparks a debate, and Roman Reigns’ giving his picks is no exception.

While speaking with Complex, the 37-year-old was asked to name his WWE Mount Rushmore, and he did just that.

Reigns included Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin in his list, as well as his cousin The Rock, and his former rival The Undertaker.

Explaining his picks, Roman said that it was “easy” to include The Undertaker considering his overall contributions to the wrestling industry.

I guess I’m just gonna start with Taker, that’s like the easy one in my mind especially when it comes to overall.

As noted, Roman also included The Rock in his Mount Rushmore, which he was suggested was down to his continued success outside of WWE in the world of acting.

I think especially due to what his, you know, the way he’s just continued to do it- Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

The Rock v Roman Reigns is happening in 2023
The Rock v Roman Reigns is happening in 2023

The next picks seemed a bit tougher for Roman, but he decided to include fellow former WWE Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin.

We’re getting into a really tough zone because like you gotta do Steve I think. Steve Austin because of what he stood for, transitioning the whole game and especially when it was nose-diving. He was, like for a couple of years all the marbles were on him.

With the final pick, it came down to John Cena and Hulk Hogan, and while Reigns spoke highly about the former, he explained that ‘The Hulkster’ takes the final spot for him.

Two dudes in the same category- Hulk Hogan and John Cena. They’re very similar with the kind of characters they were and the audience they drew. I’m gonna go with Hogan then. John I mean, it’s tough. I don’t think anyone ever as a whole career has sold more merchandise than John Cena. But that’s just a true testament to Hulk Hogan.

By the end of his career, Roman Reigns will be hoping that people within the industry start including him in their Mount Rushmores, which would be quite the accomplishment.

Reigns is in the midst of a record-breaking WWE run at the moment, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see people starting featuring him in their lists before too long.

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