Rumour killer on Edge being removed from Judgement Day faction

Damian Priest has revealed that despite reports claiming otherwise, ex-WWE CEO Vince McMahon didn’t want Judgement Day to be a supernatural group.

When Edge was removed from Judgement Day in June, just two months after the group was formed, a lot of fans speculated about the reason for such a drastic change.

A report then emerged claiming that WWE wanted to take Judgement Day down a “supernatural” path, something that Edge strongly objected to.

While the report didn’t explicitly state this was the case, many then assumed that the creative differences were why Edge was removed from the stable, being replaced by Finn Balor.

However, comments made by Damian Priest in a recent interview revealed that that’s not actually how things went down.

Speaking to Digitial Spy (transcription via WrestleTalk), Priest explained that no one wanted Judgement Day to be a supernatural group, and that extended right the way through to Vince McMahon.

I don’t know where the actual rumor came from that that’s what was planned, because it never was. If anything, we had conversations of how we didn’t want that and that included Vince [McMahon] himself, who did not want the group to be supernatural-based. We were all in agreement.

Fans are excited to see what Judgement Day can do now that Triple H is running creative, especially given that Finn Balor, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley are all believed to be favourites of ‘The Game’.

Over the last couple of weeks, Judgement Day has been booked stronger than they were previously, and many fans put that at the feet of Triple H.

The working theory amongst fans is that the feud between Judgement Day and Edge is going to lead to Finn Balor taking on, and beating, the WWE Hall of Famer at Clash at the Castle in September.

The match hasn’t been confirmed yet, but many fans think it’s going to be made official after Edge takes on Priest on the August 22 episode of Raw in Toronto, a match that has now been made official.

Finn Balor kicked Edge out of Judgement Day on WWE Raw
Finn Balor kicked Edge out of Judgement Day on WWE Raw

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