Sami Zayn makes Roman Reigns and Usos break character

Sami Zayn was able to make The Tribal Chief and WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns and one half of the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions Jey Uso break character this past Friday on SmackDown.

In recent months, Sami Zayn has been working closely as an associate of The Bloodline, being dubbed an “Honorary Uce” and has received a lot of praise for being the comic relief of the group from fans.

This past Friday night on SmackDown, Zayn sat down with the Head of the Table to discuss recent events and his match with Drew McIntyre set to take place later that evening.

Reigns complimented Zayn for helping him out last week and the latter then said that the world champion could count on him for anything, as that’s what “family should do.”

With this in mind, the WWE Undisputed Universal champion asked Zayn to do him a favour – to keep McIntyre occupied, be a distraction for him so that The Scottish Warrior could possibly take his eyes off the ball.

Zayn, of course, said he could do that, describing himself as a master strategist and saying there was no one better to do that job than him because he gets in people’s heads.

The following lines about making himself comfortable in said people’s heads is hilarious, saying he’s throwing down blankets, having a picnic and doing a dance.

These very words are what made the Tribal Chief and one of his cousins in Jey Uso break out a smile, as it can be said they found their Honorary Uce incredibly funny in this moment.

Zayn continued to say that by the time McIntyre reaches Clash at the Castle, this mental breakdown will be enough for Reigns to break him in half next Saturday in Cardiff.

He also said it could a good bonding experience for The Bloodline and himself if they joined him out there, but Reigns said it was about Zayn tonight and that he would only be a distraction for the crowd.

Later on that evening, McIntyre would defeat Zayn with a Claymore in a very entertaining match and then The Bloodline would come out to break the Scottish Warrior psychically following the match.

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McIntyre will challenge Reigns at Clash at the Castle at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff next Saturday September 3 for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship live on BT Sport.

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