Seth Rollins goes very personal on Matt Riddle during WWE Raw segment

The WWE Clash at the Castle premium live event in Cardiff, Wales this Saturday will see Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle go toe to toe. And things have become seriously personal between the two.

They took part in a tense split screen interview on last night’s WWE Raw show, exchanging final barbs before their encounter at the show in Cardiff.

A comment from Riddle, where he told Rollins that he would show that there is only one man in their marriage, and that was Becky Lynch, provoked a furious response from his opponent.

Seth fired back at Riddle, telling him that if he wants to talk about Seth’s family, then they’ll talk about Riddle’s, before noting that they can’t as he doesn’t have a family because his wife divorced him and took the kids because they “don’t want to see your b**** a** anymore.”

Riddle was clearly incensed by this and reacted furiously. He questioned Rollins, who replied, “You heard me, b****.” Riddle then went to town, saying: “I’m not gonna beat you up, I’m gonna f*** you up. Where the f*** are you?”

We are used to trash talk and theatre within the world of wrestling, but the reaction on Twitter seems to be of the opinion that this was genuine and has gone too far.

One fan tweeted: “I think this is off script,” while another replied: “Think Seth did go off script just looking at his face when he said he is meant it.”

Another tweeted: “Honestly….not entirely clear what’s real and what’s fiction…..frankly Matt looked really p*****, there could be actual heat. Or it’s just to build Seth’s character, could be either.”

Another fan suggested that Saturday’s encounter has become seriously spicey with both men taking it too far. Especially Rollins.

“Riddle crossed a small line. Rollins crossed a MAJOR line. Ya’ll this ain’t a match anymore. It’s gonna be a straight up fight.”

Some feel that Seth’s words were a level too far and feel that he should face disciplinary action.

“If that wasn’t scripted, I hope @WWERollins gets fined for that. @SuperKingofBros didn’t deserve to be talked to like that.”

Many fans are suggesting that Rollins could pay for his words on Saturday as Riddle’s anger could spur him on to greater levels: “If Matt Riddle was legit p****d off like this, I’d be terrified if I was Seth.”

However, some simply believe it is hype: “It’s just a really well-done promo between both guys. There was heat back in the day but they’re obviously good now. Just a really solid promo bit.”

According to John Connor Coulston, writing on, the insult was part of the script, however, nobody really knew how Riddle would react and the feelings of others have clearly not been considered.

“While this insult was obviously scripted before WWE filmed it at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, it’s unclear how Riddle really feels about his messy divorce being put on TV. It’s also unclear how Lisa feels about this real-life drama being aired out on Raw, especially since it involved the pair’s kids.”

The feeling is that lines have been crossed and Saturday night’s clash will not be for the faint-hearted.

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