Seth Rollins’ savage four-word comment after injuring WWE legend

The Rock is one of the biggest assets the WWE has ever had, with him being one of the biggest Superstars to ever be on the roster, but that doesn’t get him preferential treatment.

Back in 2013 on Monday Night Raw, The Rock was in the ring before the lights cut out to everyone’s surprise, going pitch black inside the arena.

When the lights came back up, we were greeted with The Rock pinned into the corner of the ring, with all three members of The Shield, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose assaulting one of the greatest Superstars we’ve ever seen.

In typical battling fashion, The Rock didn’t just take his beating, he fought back and landed some good blows of his own, however, three against one is always going to be fighting a losing battle if you’re the solo.

After his mini revival, The Shield executed the signature move, the triple powerbomb, before leaving the ring as WWE Champion at the time, CM Punk watched on from his skybox.

Despite the nature of the business, WWE Superstars can still come off second worse from encounters and suffer real injuries as a result of their performances, with The Rock suffering from the triple powerbomb from The Shield.

He burst blood vessels in his chest, causing him to cough up blood whilst laying in the ring as the show continued around him.

He has recently been talking on an Instagram live with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, discussing that famous night.

When talking about it, The Rock says: “You know what was really cool? Was when The Shield attacked me before WrestleMania and powerbombed me, and I remember Seth, I was on Roman’s shoulders, Seth in particular threw me down so hard on that mat, busted my blood vessels, blood started coming up out of my mouth.

“He looked down, Roman looked down and was like, you ok Uso?’ And called me brother and so on and I was like, before I could answer Seth was like, ‘who gives a s**t?’ And he walked away.”

The trio are in hysterics at the interaction, which perfectly sums up why Seth Rollins was such a success in the WWE along with Roman Reigns, they were there to do their own work, not bow down to the legends that stood before them.

It’s just a friendly or not so friendly reminder that your reputation means nothing in that WWE ring!

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