Seth Rollins went pure s***house with Matt Riddle fan at WWE Clash at the Castle

Seth Rollins and Matt Riddle have played out an intense rivalry in the WWE in recent weeks, clashing on numerous occasions, culminating in a brutal match at the first pay-per-view event in the UK for 30 years at Clash at the Castle.

They were fighting one another amongst the crowd on Monday Night Raw, giving those in attendance a real up close and personal view of their feud.

That was followed up with them taking part in a promo before the UK based PPV event, with the backwards and forwards between the two leading to a heated argument that got incredibly personal between them.

Next in the saga, we saw them fighting prior to a Raw event in the car park, with fan footage capturing them being separated by officials and referees, pulling the Superstars in different directions away from each other.

However, that wasn’t the end of two going at it, when the show finished and the cameras were off, fans again captured footage of the pair brawling, boiling over into the ring as the arena began to empty after the show.

Fast forward to Clash at the Castle and the duo finally got the chance to lock horns on the big stage in a scheduled match, with Rollins getting the better of his enemy.

Seth Rollins goes very personal on Matt Riddle during WWE Raw segment
Seth Rollins goes very personal on Matt Riddle during WWE Raw segment

It would be a shock to see the feud end there, with the pair playing out such a fierce rivalry so we’ll keep our eyes peeled on how it plays out following Seth Rollins’ win.

After the match at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Seth Rollins made his way out of the ring and back up the walkway to the backstage area to revel in his success.

He couldn’t resist going on the wind up before leaving the arena, gesturing to a Riddle fan who was close to the walkway, mimicking him crying to mock him after his hero had just lost to him in the ring.

After such an intense rivalry, the loss is even harder to take after all the build-up and bragging rights are completely gone to your opponent with the trash talking looking silly.

There’s no doubt the Riddle fan will have been gutted with the result, with Seth Rollins making that even worse for him.

For neutrals though, the s***house nature of Seth Rollins’ actions were hilarious, clearly in high spirits after his win and going straight on the windup to show his dominance over Riddle.

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