Shane McMahon’s iconic roast of Jose Mourinho on Raw in 2007

WWE Clash at the Castle takes place this Saturday but will there be any crowd interactions to rival that of Jose Mourinho with Shane McMahon?

WWE headed to London for their at-the-time annual trip to the UK for a live episode of Raw on April 23rd, 2007. Jose Mourinho, then in his first stint in charge of Chelsea, was invited to the show. Fairly standard given his status in the game.

Little did we expect for things to go any further than that. Instead of simply spectating the show, Mourinho was called out by Shane McMahon in one of the more iconic WWE UK moments.

As it was George’s Day in the UK, Shane-O-Mac ever so generously offered anyone the opportunity to “slay a dragon”, that dragon being himself of course. He began to scan the crowd before focusing his attention on “The Special One”, even teasing physicality.

“Wait a minute, I know you. That’s Jose Mourinho, the head coach, if you will, of the Chelsea… What do you say? Uh-uh… you don’t want any of this.”

The mention of Jose’s name brought with heavy booing such was his position with Chelsea and general heel persona in the world of football. That his two kids were sitting either side of him head to toe in DX clothing added to the hilarity of it all.

McMahon continued, claiming he expected no crowd member to answer his challenge, so he had scoured the UK before and found its baddest man. The night prior, he had witnessed him defeat six men single-handedly in a pub.

That’s where he directed a second barb towards Mourinho.

“If you can call them men. Actually, I think they were members of your Chelsea Football Club.”

WWE didn’t give Mourinho the opportunity to respond to Shane, which was a shame given his propensity for wit and humour in press conferences and interviews throughout his career.

Jose Mourinho and the McMahons

After the show, Shane and Jose “made up” backstage, even taking a photo with Vince McMahon. The best heel faction that never was.

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