Shock WWE star nearly used legend’s music for controversial character

Mustafa Ali nearly used Hulk Hogan’s entrance music for a controversial character he wanted to bring to WWE TV.

It was widely documented before he asked for his WWE release in January 2022 that Mustafa Ali wanted to bring a controversial character to TV.

Ali wanted to bring his ‘New America’ character to WWE, and even filmed a vignette for his, which you can see below.

Ali cut a promo on SmackDown in October 2021 about how people within America would judge him because of how he looked, but his tweet above seems to suggest that the character was nixed due to it being deemed too controversial.

Now with the leadership change in WWE, a lot is going on, and Mustafa Ali became the latest person to tease shifting up their character.

Taking to Twitter last week, Ali said that he is no longer going to “tone down” who he is to make himself more marketable.

He said that he’s now going to embrace his Pakistani, Indian, American and Muslim roots, and didn’t really care if that didn’t make him marketable anymore.

Anyway, back to Hulk Hogan, and Mustafa Ali responded to a fan who said that he’d have liked to have seen him use the WWE Hall of Famer’s iconic entrance theme.

The song is about being a “real American”, which the fan said would have been perfect for Ali, enabling him to prove that American people can have different looks and don’t all look the same.

In what was a surprising turn of events, Ali explained that the plan was, at one stage, for him to use Hulk Hogan’s entrance music, believed to be for his aforementioned ‘New America’ gimmick.

Hulk’s theme is one of WWE’s most iconic entrance songs ever, so it would have been really interesting to see Ali use it on TV in 2021/22.

If you can listen to Hulk’s iconic theme, if you need a remember or even if you haven’t heard it before, by clicking here.

Now that Triple H is running WWE Creative, it’s unclear whether or not Ali is going to be allowed to bring his ‘New America’ character to TV, with some suggesting that could be the case now that Vince McMahon has retired.

However, some have claimed that the character was nixed due to an issue with FOX, so perhaps the decision will be out of Triple H’s hands, and wasn’t one made by Vince McMahon.

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