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Soho Home is expanding to the West Coast.

Known for its members-only luxury clubs located all across major cities around the globe, Soho House’s most recent venture Soho Home is opening up its first Los Angeles store. With the original Soho Home located in New York City’s Meatpacking District and another recently-opened studio in London’s Notting Hill, this marks the brand’s third store location.

Nestled on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood, the luxury interior design and home furnishings brand officially opened its doors for business this week. It’s a 9,308-square-foot, two-story space, welcoming all patrons to enjoy the studio, stick around, eat, drink and shop around the Soho Home collection.

“They’re called studios for a reason,” Soho House managing director of retail Aalish Yorke-Long told The Hollywood Reporter. “They’re not just shops — that’s not a word we use internally. It is all about coming and spending time in the space, and really experiencing what it is to be in a Soho House, whilst looking at beautiful furniture.”

Since its L.A. debut in 2010, Soho House has established itself as an exclusive hub for Hollywood A-listers and dealmakers in town. Before the launch of the Home brand, being inside one of the clubs gave that Soho House feel. Now, members and non-members alike can bring that luxury and comfort into the privacy of their own homes.

“[Founder Nick Jones] is a genius on many levels, but he is a design genius,” Yorke-Long said of how Soho Home came about. “It is his eye that made [the Houses] such special places to hang out. People were always saying, ‘Oh my God, Nick, where’d you get this stuff from?’ And he’s like, ‘Well, we actually make it. We should probably sell it.’”

After floating the idea around to members a few years ago, the Soho House team found that there was considerable demand to purchase the various furniture and artwork in the clubs.

Aalish Yorke-Long (L) and Andrew Carnie, President of Soho House attend as Soho House opens Soho.Home.Studio Melrose at Soho.Home.Studio Melrose on August 17, 2022 in West Hollywood, California.

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“The product is inspired very closely by the Houses,” the managing director added. “We try to tailor each [Soho Home] studio to the local environment, so we pick as much as we can from local Houses. Like this feels very Holloway, or that feels very Malibu or West Hollywood, whereas if you go to our store in Meatpacking [in New York City], it’s more reflective of the Houses over there. That’s more OG with a traditional feel and dark woods.”

At Soho House, everything is designed in-house, and always has been. The same goes for all the items available at Soho Home. Since the first Soho House on London’s Greek Street in 1995, the exclusive club has designed each of its furniture pieces with the help of in-house designers, to later be created by hand-selected manufacturers around the world. There’s wood and marble tables made in Vietnam and Indonesia, light fixtures from Italy, rugs from India and more. “Wherever is best,” Yorke-Long added. “We go, we find the best manufacturers, and they bring our designs to life.”

Approximately 20 percent of all the product in Soho Home Studios is created by Soho House members, including all of the art displayed throughout the space. Yorke-Long says that about 70 percent of customers are Soho Home members — or Soho Friends, as the brand calls them.

Soho Home

Courtesy of Kate Berry

Customers can also purchase Soho Home items on the brand’s website, where they sell most of their current inventory, from $1,555 mid-century floor lamps and $3,295 sleek velvet sofas to $4,495 Italian marble coffee tables and $150 scented candles.

Last week, the West Hollywood studio celebrated its grand opening with a star-studded launch party, with actors like Connie Britton and Lukas Gage in attendance. Of all the cities in the world they could bring Soho Home, Yorke-Long said Los Angeles not only felt right, but also houses the brand’s biggest market in North America.

“We’ve got a huge member base out here,” she said of L.A. “We’ve got four Houses now — DTLA, the original West Hollywood, Malibu and [the recently opened] Holloway House. So we’ve got a big footprint here of members already warmed to the brand. We saw when we launched online that L.A. is actually our biggest market.”

Once they had their sights set on expanding to the West Coast, Soho Home looked extensively for the perfect studio space. “This one’s got a great history,” the managing director said of the Melrose Ave. location. “It used to be the [interior and furniture designer] Rose Tarlow store, and it’s just really beautiful and unique, which is how we find the Houses.”

An annual Soho Home membership runs $130, which includes 15 percent off Soho Home items year-round, along with 20 percent off sale items, free shipping and new collection previews. The membership also offers access to Soho House bedrooms around the world, as well as access to Soho Home studios. The membership does not allow for direct access to any of the Soho House clubs.

“We’re always going to be a part of Soho House,” Yorke-Long said. “We wouldn’t exist without House, and we are about bringing the House home. If you join Soho Friends and you become a member with us, then that is sort of a natural progression to become a House member, so the memberships interact together quite nicely.”

Soho Home is now open at 8540 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood CA 90069.

Soho Home

Courtesy of Kate Berry

Soho Home

Courtesy of Kate Berry

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