Spoiler on major return planned for tonight’s show

Beth Phoenix, if reports are to be believed, could be brought in for tonight’s episode of WWE Raw.

Edge is set to go one-on-one with Damian Priest tonight on Monday Night Raw, his first match in Toronto since he came out of retirement in 2020.

The match has been built to since June, when Priest kicked Edge out of the Judgment Day group along with Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor.

In fact, it can even be argued that the match has been built to since WrestleMania 38 in April of this year, when Edge required Priest to be the first member of his new faction.

After being kicked out of the group in June, Edge took around six weeks off TV, before making his triumphant return at SummerSlam, helping Dominik and Rey Mysterio beat Priest and Balor.

And now, the issues between Judgement Day and Edge have reached boiling point, with the big match set to take place on Raw tonight.

Reports have even indicated that WWE could be preparing to pull out all the stops for the match, with Beth Phoenix in Toronto ahead of Raw tonight.

Beth Phoenix could return to WWE on Raw tonight
Beth Phoenix could return to WWE on Raw tonight

PWInsider is reporting that Phoenix has been brought into Toronto, Edge’s hometown, ahead of tonight’s big show.

WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix is in Toronto for tonight’s Raw, PWInsider.com has confirmed. Phoenix’s husband, Edge, will face Damian Priest tonight in Toronto.

Reports actually indicated that Beth was supposed to be back in WWE prior to SummerSlam, but her return was delayed during the crossover between Vince McMahon’s retirement and Triple H coming in.

As for what she’ll be doing, many have speculated that Beth’s return is going to be so WWE can book a match between the Hall of Famer and the aforementioned Rhea Ripley.

As of right now, it’s unclear how that match is going to take place, with WWE having several avenues it could explore.

Some have said that Beth, Edge and Rey Mysterio could take on Judgement Day at Clash at the Castle, while others think that Beth could take on Rhea in a singles match, with Balor and Edge doing the same.

You can stay tuned to GiveMeSport over the next few days as we cover the fallout to tonight’s episode of WWE Raw and look to provide updates on what WWE has in store for Beth Phoenix upon her return.

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