Stumbling block emerges after comeback talks

Bray Wyatt’s rumoured return to WWE under Triple H could now be off, at least if reports are to be believed.

Reports from the Wrestling Observer claim that the former WWE Champion has “definitely” held talks with the company over a potential comeback.

However, it seems like money could be an issue, with the reports claiming that Wyatt’s talks with WWE stalled over finances.

Is Bray Wyatt returning to WWE?

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer has provided a rather interesting update on the chatter surrounding Bray’s potential return to WWE.

Meltzer explains that the two parties have held talks over a comeback, but notes that these stalled at one time due to Wyatt’s high asking price.

It’s worth explaining that, as you can see below, Meltzer doesn’t say that the talks are dead, but notes that money seems to be an issue when it comes to Wyatt’s return being made official, via WrestleTalk.

Regarding talk of Wyatt returning, there were definitely talks in that direction. At one point the talks stalled but it was said it was not a dead issue. Talks with him outside WWE had also stalled in the past, as his asking price was well above what other companies were willing to pay..

So, the report essentially says in that Wyatt has held talks with WWE, which is a positive sign, but notes that the talks stalled at one stage, which is believed to be due to finances.

How much was Bray Wyatt paid by WWE?

When it comes to finances, Meltzer has also provided a little insight into how much Bray was making more being released by WWE in 2021.

In the same report, the Wrestling Observer notes that Bray was one of WWE’s top earners before being fired in July 2021, believed to be in same bracket as Ronda Rousey and Randy Orton.

While an exact figure wasn’t known, a report from Dave Meltzer earlier this year claimed that Bray was believed to be making around $ 4 million per year, which you can read more about by clicking here.

While unclear at this stage, you’d have to assume that Bray would want to return for roughly the same amount of money that he was making before, which could explain the stumbling block.

While Bray’s return is up in the air right now, one ex-WWE star who we knew Triple H won’t be bringing back is Velveteen Dream, which you can read more about by clicking here.

In his role as Head of Creative, Triple H has brought back several names who were fired during the latter part of Vince McMahon’s tenure, including Hit Row, Braun Strowman and Dakota Kai.

More could be on the way too, as alongside Wyatt, reports state that Sasha Banks and Naomi could also be in talks to come back after their walkout in May.

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