The Rock backstage in the WWE was great viewing

The Rock and the WWE were a match made in heaven, with The Great One being a leading face for the organisation for a while, entertaining fans worldwide with his performances and promos.

Promos can often be an underappreciated aspect of the WWE, with the main spectacle being the major matches that headline shows, with those clashes for the titles the showpiece.

Some of the most entertaining aspects of the show can often happen backstage in the sketches the Superstars take part in, with The Rock being no different.

He is near the top of the list for most people when it comes to the famous ‘WWE Mount Rushmore’ debate, which shows us just how good of a Superstar he was, with most in agreement he is one of the four GOATs of the organisation.

As well as an illustrious career in the ring, outside of it he has thrived, becoming a major player in Hollywood, playing major roles in big films with Kevin Hart as well as featuring in Disney films as well.

Behind the scenes footage was released from the WWE’s advert to be shown during the Super Bowl during the Attitude Era, with footage of The Rock talking with directors, he was always destined to be a star.

His WWE performances were unreal as well, with a backstage sketch resurfacing and doing the rounds on Twitter recently.

After finishing his work, he talks to a fan that is backstage, offering him a high five to commemorate the special day, but The Rock decided to play the villain and threaten him, making the unsuspecting fan flinch.

Next he has an assistant following him with his bag before asking him for it. After receiving his back, The Rock asks: ‘do you want a tip’ with the reply unsurprisingly: ‘sure’ with The Great One then saying: ‘use a condom’ with the commentators loving his antics.

The Rock did then ask him if he wanted money after his practical joke, which saw him pull a huge wad of cash out before throwing 6/700 dollars at him. The man that was carrying The Rock’s bag then scrambled around for the money before The Rock pushed him over.

It just summed up the charisma The Rock had on the screen and his disregard for anyone other than himself that helped him on his way to becoming one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time.

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