The rude & brutal Sasha Banks sign WWE officials had to confiscate on Raw

Sasha Banks and Naomi look set to return to WWE within the next few weeks, according to numerous reports.

They walked out of the May 16 episode of Raw earlier this year over a creative dispute and have not been seen since.

The news of their imminent return comes as WWE security acted fast to remove a disrespectful sign towards “The Boss” during this week’s Raw show.

Before its removal, the sign was seen several times. It read “We want Naomi, not botcha Banks.”

While Asuka, Alexa Bliss and Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair were cutting a promo, a security guard can be seen quickly approaching the fan holding the sign in the crowd.

The intervention has been hailed by WWE fans, with many seeing the sign as hugely disrespectful to Banks.

The rude & brutal Sasha Banks sign WWE officials had to confiscate on Raw
The rude & brutal Sasha Banks sign WWE officials had to confiscate on Raw

“’We want Naomi, not Botcha Banks’ The disrespect is unreal #WWERaw” and “You know how I feel about that Botcha Banks s***, almost a decade in this company and still people throw that? This woman is an all-time great.”

And the fan who brought the sign has been given a barrage of abuse over Twitter with him being described as a “loser” and a “weirdo.”

One fan tweeted: “How much of an unfunny ugly loser do you have to be to not only use, but find the term ‘botcha banks’ funny?”

Another tweet read: “It was a stupid and childish sign. No issue with wanting Naomi, but Botcha Banks?……rotten people still want to call her that?”


It had been rumoured that Banks and Naomi would return on this episode of Raw. The finals of the women’s tag team tournament took place to crown the new Women’s Tag Team Champions. Many fans expected to see them arrive after the match as the real champions. This did not happen, but it is expected that their return will be soon.

Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez defeated Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky in the main event of Raw to be crowned the new champions.

Banks has enjoyed a successful career, previously wrestling on the independent circuit, where she won the Chaotic Wrestling Women’s Championship. She has gone on to hold the Raw Women’s Championship five times. She provides great interest and entertainment and her return is greatly anticipated among the fanbase.

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