The Spider praises Paul brothers’ boxing run

Anderson Silva has praised Jake Paul and Logan Paul for how they’ve changed the game in boxing.

It’s often tricky to nail down the moment in time whereby things change in any given genre but for professional boxing, the last couple of years have certainly been defined by the introduction of celebrity/YouTube events.

Many, many big names from both realms have made their way over to the boxing ring in the name of trying to prove themselves. Whether it be due to pride or simply for a quick payday, the jump seems to have worked quite effectively with many fans and pundits being invested in these new faces.

Of course, two of the names standing at the top of the mountain are Jake Paul and Logan Paul.

While Logan seems to be focusing his attention on pro wrestling and his separate business ventures, Jake has made it his mission to try and take over the sport. Up to this point he’s 5-0 as a pro and with knockout wins over Nate Robinson, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, he’s proven that he has the power necessary to make some real waves.

Anderson Silva, who has made the transition from mixed martial arts to boxing in recent times, gave his thoughts in an interview on what the brothers have been able to achieve.

Video: Anderson Silva praises the Paul brothers

“It’s very important that people understand that the game has changed, and the new generation needs to understand your value,” Silva said. “Nobody can say whether you win or lose in this game except you. These kids opened the door for everybody. Think about that, and I’m lucky because I helped people think about that, too.”

The defining moment

If Jake Paul wants to continue this run of form he’s been on, he needs to make sure he gets the job done in his next outing – against Anderson Silva himself.

The two men will meet on October 29 in Phoenix as ‘The Problem Child’ takes on easily his biggest challenge to date. Anderson is coming into this match-up as the clear favourite with Paul even admitting during their press conference that he used to see Silva as an idol of his.

In a lot of ways, the former UFC middleweight champion has the weight of the MMA world on his shoulders, with the majority of his supporters being desperate to see him put an end to the Jake Paul hype train once and for all.

He’s 47 years old which obviously raises a few questions about how he’ll fare against a youngster like Paul, but he still has the speed and precision necessary to make this incredibly interesting.

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