Triple H has no interest in re-signing controversial ex-WWE star despite reports

Triple H is not interested in bringing Velveteen Dream back to WWE, despite rumours suggesting otherwise.

Over the last few weeks, pretty much since he became Head of Creative, it has been rumoured that Triple H was looking to bring Velveteen Dream back to WWE.

In fact, the former NXT star has even teased returning to WWE on his various social media platforms, and an update has now emerged on the matter.

Is Velveteen Dream returning to WWE?

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select is reporting that despite reports to the contrary, WWE has no interest in having Velveteen Dream return, via WrestleTalk.

Dream was arrested twice in August, and over the last couple of weeks has been accused of very inappropriate behaviour by fellow former WWE Superstar EC3.

As such, a WWE source told Fightful that bringing Dream back into the company would be a “nightmare” from a public relations point of view.

Even before his two arrests in August, WWE sources indicated to Fightful they had no desire to bring Velveteen Dream back. One source even said it would be a “public relations nightmare” that the new regime wasn’t interested in.

Sapp also noted in his report that he was told by people within WWE that there have never been any talks about bringing Dream back into the company, despite what he’s having people believe on social media.

The report even goes on to say that sources close to WWE higher-ups have said it would take nothing short of a “miracle” for Dream to ever return to the company.

One WWE source that works directly with higher ups said that it would require a “miracle” for a situation to come about that would result in Velveteen Dream being rehired by WWE.

WWE has no interest in re-signing Velveteen Dream
WWE has no interest in re-signing Velveteen Dream

Velveteen Dream’s time with WWE.

Dream (real name Patrick Clark) was brought into WWE first as part of the 2015 Tough Enough series, earning praise for his explicit passion for the wrestling industry.

He was signed to a developmental contract shortly afterwards, before making his full NXT debut in 2017 as the quirky Velveteen Dream character.

Dream rose to the top of NXT pretty quickly, with many fans speculating that he could be set for a big future in the company, mainly due to his age, impressive look and fantastic work in the ring.

However accusations were made against him as part of the SpeakingOut movement in 2020, and despite WWE finding no wrongdoing as part of their internal investigation, he was released the following year.

Due to the manner in which he left WWE, Dream has not wrestled for another company since being released, with his last match coming in December 2020.

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