Triple H implores WWE legend to make WrestleMania return

Triple H believes that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson still has more to offer inside the WWE ring, saying he still maintains ‘a burning desire’ to experience the thrill of competing at events such as WrestleMania one more time.

This was during a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, where Triple H and the prominent ESPN journalist discussed several important topics regarding the near future of the WWE, including the current position and direction navigated to propel the organisation to new heights.

One such topic, to the delight of fans, tantalised the possibility of ‘one last dance’ for one of the most esteemed figures to ever be associated with pro wrestling

He proclaimed that WWE provides unparalleled entertainment and excitement and that someone as integral to wrestling as The Rock would be desperate to experience the thrill one last time.

Johnson’s influence and stature within pro wrestling helped establish a career in front of the cameras that forged a rise to the upper echelon of the acting trade.

Triple H stated that The Rock is the name that lingers on the lips of every WWE fan, and a return would be nothing short of monumental, and that with time running out, a return to the ring would need to materialise swiftly.

Triple H is going to be aggressive in making changes to WWE TV
Triple H is going to be aggressive in making changes to WWE TV

He continued to put forth his argument in front to the transfixed Helwani, eyes glistening with awes saying:

“The clock is ticking. So, if there is a time it’s becoming now, and I know there is that burning desire for him to take advantage of that time.”

Triple H revealed he had been told by Johnson before that the feeling of stepping inside the WWE Ring is incomparable to exploits on the cinema screen, and that nothing ignites the fire within his chest like competing in front of the deafening mass of live wrestling fans.

He did mention, however, the difficulties that would of course go in tandem with a prospective return for The Rock, saying:

“When you’re the, arguably, most recognisable man on the planet, the most famous actor in Hollywood, probably the most in-demand social media influencer out there, you’re busy.”

With Johnson now 50 years old, and more lucrative, salient endeavours within the film industry, time for a return to sate the aching bellies of WWE supporters worldwide looks to be dwindling, but as Triple H says, “The platform is certainly there.”

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