Triple H lifts another of Vince McMahon’s questionable WWE rules

Triple H is making big changes across all aspects of WWE now that he’s replaced Vince McMahon following his father-in-law’s retirement.

The common feeling amongst fans is that Raw and SmackDown have been a lot more enjoyable since Triple H was appointed as Head of Creative back in July.

We’ve seen matches get given more time, the midcard champions elevated, and the return of several released WWE stars in just the last few weeks since Triple H came to power.

He’s also made changes to some of Vince’s rules, with WWE Superstars now able to call themselves wrestlers and say wrestling, something they were prohibited from doing previously.

That was evidenced on Raw this week, with Drew McIntyre using both terms during his intense promo battle with Kevin Owens, which was incredibly well received by fans.

Well, it’s another day, and more news has emerged about the changes that Triple H is making in WWE.

HHH is also making some alterations to how things work away from what we see on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown, specifically involving what talent can do during their off-time.

Vince McMahon, in what was a controversial decision, prohibited talent from streaming on third-party platforms like Twitch in the summer of 2020.

And now, a tweet from WWE Superstar Drew Gulak has suggested that the rule has been overturned by Triple H in his new role.

As you can see above, Gulak announced on Twitter last night that he was allowed to stream on Twitch again, even thanking ‘Papa H’ (Triple H) for allowing him to do so.

It’s worth noting that Dakota Kai, upon her return to WWE at SummerSlam following her release in April, announced that she would be able to stream on Twitch.

Some fans speculated that this was something Kai worked into her WWE return, but it seems like the rule has fully been overturned, freeing up talent to stream like they were doing during the height of the COVID-19.

Top stars like Xavier Woods and AJ Styles would actively stream on Twitch during the pandemic, so now that the rule has seemingly been lifted, they’re free to do that again.

However, some have questioned whether or not talent will have the time to stream as frequently as they were previously given that Live Events have resumed and WWE Superstars are now back on the road full-time.

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