Triple H proved to be spot on as damning 2011 comments about CM Punk re-emerge

Based on recent reports, it seems like WWE Head of Creative Triple H was right with his damning assessment of CM Punk back in 2011.

Back in 2011, during what was dubbed the ‘Summer of Punk’, Triple H was feuding with his fellow former WWE Champion.

At the time, CM Punk was one of WWE’s most organically popular stars, while Triple H was portrayed as the heel in the storyline.

Footage of one of the pair’s segments has now started to re-circulate online following reports of CM Punk being unhappy in his new promotion, AEW.

Punk, who is now the AEW World Champion, returned to wrestling with the promotion last year, but recent reports have suggested that he isn’t happy with the company.

In fact, reports have even stated that Punk refused to lose to Hangman Page back in May, the feud which saw the former WWE Superstar win the AEW World title.

Based off those reports, fans have started to realise that perhaps Triple H was onto something with his damning assessment of his former colleague 11 years ago.

As noted, footage of the segment has begun to resurface online, with HHH telling Punk that he wants to be the catalyst for change, but only in situations that benefit him.

Oh save me, you want to be the catalyst as long as it benefits you… When you talk about being the catalyst for change, what you really mean is you will only accept change if it means CM Punk is on top, because if CM Punk isn’t ‘the guy’, that’s not enough change for you.

Triple H then went on to say that while he bulldozed people to get to the top, Punk would go behind their backs.

That’s not really what you want… We’re a lot alike, we did what we had to do to get on top, the difference is I looked everybody in the eye and told them ‘I’m gonna step on you, I’m gonna walk through you to get to the top.’ You don’t have the balls to do it. What you did it backdoor your way around. You try to do it by being a martyr.

You can check out the footage to the aforementioned segment below, which makes for some very interesting viewing considering what we now know.

As noted, fans have begun to reshare the promo online, believing that Triple H may have been correct in his assessment of the former WWE Champion.

If you want to read more about the reported issues between CM Punk and AEW right now, you can do so by clicking here.

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