Triple H remains keen on one of Vince McMahon’s favourites

A lot is changing in WWE, but it seems like one of Vince McMahon’s favourites is still going to be pushed by Triple H.

With Vince McMahon now out of WWE following his retirement and Triple H taking over as Head of Creative, we’ve seen a big difference in how some of the talent has been booked.

For example, the likes of Gunther and Ciampa have picked up big wins over the last couple of weeks and been showcased in ways that they likely wouldn’t have under McMahon.

However, it seems like some of the people that Vince really liked are still going to be pushed despite the major leadership changes going on in WWE right now.

Theory is someone that Vince really liked during the final part of his run with WWE, even pushing the former NXT star as his protégé on TV.

Vince made Theory the youngest-ever United States Champion, booked him in main event storylines, and even had him win Money in the Bank before his retirement on July 22.

But despite Vince leaving, Dave Meltzer has noted on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that Triple H is still quite keen on the former United States Champion (via WrestleTalk).

The idea is to give Theory opponents that will give him experience, because Theory is the one that they really want to groom, and it appears Levesque hasn’t done anything to change that. They like the guy – good size, good look, very good athlete, just needs ring work.

Fans thought Theory may struggle in WWE now that Triple H is in charge
Fans thought Theory may struggle in WWE now that Triple H is in charge

The line about WWE wanting Theory to work with experienced wrestlers who can give him good matches was on full display last night, as the 25-year-old was paired with one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Johnny Gargano returned to WWE last night, rejoining the company after his initial departure in December of last year, this time on the main roster.

Gargano came back and immediately started a feud with Theory, again another indication that WWE views the former NXT star as a star for the future, and even someone who can star in big feuds now.

There’s no word on whether or not Theory v Gargano is going to be booked as a one-off match or a longer feud over the next few weeks, but either option is certainly an interesting avenue for WWE to explore.

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