Update on WWE’s shock plans as YouTube star makes big return

Logan Paul is set to return to WWE tonight, and it has emerged that Triple H has some huge plans in store for him.

Paul was last seen at SummerSlam on July 30, impressing in his singles debut against former WWE Champion The Miz.

However, coming off the back of his latest IMPAULSIVE podcast this week, which featured Roman Reigns, Triple H has invited the YouTube megastar onto SmackDown.

What does Triple H have planned for Logan Paul in WWE?

During the IMPAULSIVE show, Logan said that he wants to work with Reigns in WWE, but many fans thought this was nothing more than a throwaway comment from Paul.

However, that doesn’t appear to have been the case, as Logan has been teasing a feud with The Bloodline on Twitter, which caught the attention of Triple H.

WWE’s new Head of Creative then, as you can see from the embedded tweet below, invited Logan onto SmackDown tonight to sort out his issues with WWE’s top faction.

How have fans reacted to the teases of a Roman Reigns & Logan Paul feud?

So, while unconfirmed at this stage, many fans have speculated that a match between Logan and Reigns could be booked for Crown Jewel on November 5 in Saudi Arabia.

The match would be in-line with the big attractions that WWE tends to do when it goes to Saudi Arabia, and to be fair to Logan, he’s shown that he can more than hold his own in the ring with WWE’s top stars.

However, others have speculated that a match between Logan and Reigns isn’t likely at this stage, with it being more likely that WWE has the 27-year-old feud with Sami Zayn instead.

Below is just a selection of tweets from fans, making of which feature interesting speculation regarding what WWE’s imminent plans could be for Logan.

Logan Paul’s impressive WWE run so far

Logan Paul made his in-ring debut for WWE at WrestleMania 38, teaming with The Miz as the pair took on Dominik and Rey Mysterio.

Logan impressed fans with his portion of the match, winning the audience over with a series of incredible moves that were executed to perfection.

Fans were left even more impressed with Logan’s work after his singles debut at SummerSlam in July, with many fans feeling that despite only having two matches, Paul can hang with the rest of the active WWE roster.

Logan is incredibly inexperienced, but considering how well he’s done with what he’s been given so far, and his incredible name value, a one-off match with Reigns would make a lot of sense.

Watch Logan Paul tonight during Friday Night SmackDown over in the UK on BT Sport and in the US live on FOX.

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