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How does the billionaire behind the bat mask spend his off-duty time? You can soon dress, play and sweat like the Caped Crusader’s gadget-powered alter-ego – no bat signal required, but a trust fund might help – when Wayne Enterprises lands online this week.

The luxury lifestyle label was developed by Warner Bros. Consumer Products in collaboration with men’s buying guide Uncrate.com, where it will first be available exclusively starting Sept. 22. The new brand channels WayneCorp chairman Bruce Wayne’s tastes for the finer (and often pricier) things in life and will comprise high-end fashion, accessories, fitness gear, electronics, home goods and personal care you’d find at Wayne Manor Estate – or even parked in its above-ground garages.

For the debut collection, Wayne Enterprises tapped a slew of cool Uncrate-approved brands to create limited edition, high-performance essentials with an edge that can stand up to life in Gotham City. That includes motorcycle-ready gear such as suede lace-up boots by Danner and Kevlar jeans by Nashville-based denim label Imogene + Willie, as well as a structured wool jacket with a faux fur collar by Rogue Territory, handmade sunglasses by Barton Perreira (a Hollywood favorite also worn by fictional hero James Bond), timepieces by Bell & Ross and a watch winder from Kross Studio (also behind that $100K Batman piece).

There are also Patricks anti-aging skincare and aluminum-free deodorants, pre-workout and wellness supplements from Asystem, luxe gym equipment by Fysik, leather boxing gloves and punching bags by Modern Vintage Player and protein powders by Ascent. Of course, everything is in Dark Knight-approved hues and hardware.

“Our guiding motto is that… this is something that Wayne Enterprises would put out to make Batman a better Batman,” says Robert Oberschelp, Warner Bros. Consumer Products SVP of Global Franchise Management & Global Brand Product. “While the design looks really cool, there’s also a little bit of tech, a little bit of something to make you stronger and better… [for example] if you look at the denim, they’re made of a woven Kevlar tech fabric.”

Wayne Enterprises Danner Light Gotham City Boot

Courtesy of Uncrate

Batman debuted in 1939 and was dreamed up by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. Rather than directly referencing specific scenes in the DC Comics books, TV series and films, Wayne Enterprises’ brand partners opted to pull inspiration from the myth that is Wayne and his fictional multinational conglomerate, Oberschelp tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“Instead of leaning into the franchise of Batman, it’s ultimately about who is Bruce Wayne, and what does he look like? It’s not [about] one actor or a single brand,” he says of the non-Batman concept that was born nearly two years ago. “Uncrate understood our concept immediately… That’s how we identified [them] as the right partner to work together for this curated, cross-category label.”

Many of their design partners “grew up with Batman and the alter-ego of Bruce Wayne, and to be able to be a part of this label has gotten them uber excited about the ability to lean into something that’s not character-driven,” adds Oberschelp.

Wayne Enterprises Imogene + Willie Kevlar Moto Jean

Courtesy of Uncrate

“Everything we did is high craftsmanship and very purposeful,” he continues. “We didn’t want to create an entire line of watches, apparel or home products. This is something that Bruce Wayne would have and this label is just the very beginning.”

“[The team] worked closely with DC Comics to make sure that fandom is there,” but they stopped short of weaving in blatant Easter eggs. Oberschelp says the references are rather more subtle, such as the sunglasses named after the crime-fighting mogul’s son, Damien.

The future of Wayne Enterprises encompasses entertainment and potentially even larger toys, he adds. “Who knows, there might be a Wayne Enterprises automobile or a bat cave that you might line up all of your automobiles in.”

While you start eyeing the classic cars you plan to stow away in said Wayne Enterprises lair, you can shop everything beginning Thursday at Uncrate.

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