When WWE Superstar hit one of the best DDTs of all time of Eddie Guerrero

Rey Mysterio is one of the most iconic names in the WWE, having been synonymous with the organisation since his debut for them which was 20 years ago this month.

Similarly to ‘Cena Month’ to commemorate John Cena’s anniversary with them, this month it is the ‘Month of Mysterio’ to commemorate his landmark.

He was still wrestling, plying his trade before then, including a famous match-up with Eddie Guerrero almost 25 years ago at Halloween Havoc in 1997.

Fans were gripped as the rivalry came to ahead at the event, with Eddie Guerrero putting his Cruiserweight Championship on the line with Rey Mysterio putting his mask on the line.

His identity was safe, as Rey Mysterio secured the victory after an incredible reversal from the top rope, landing and pinning his opponent to become the new champion.

This match will always be remembered for how iconic it was for the WCW fans, with the pair displaying amazing chemistry in the ring together.

During the match Rey Mysterio showed us just how good he was even during his rookie years in the profession, performing difficult moves to a quality standard.

Donning a full bodied purple suit and mask, Rey Mysterios used the top rope to perform a near enough perfect DDT on his opponent, with the fans going wild for the little maestro in the ring.

Although he ditched the full suit for long pants for his iconic, recognisable look, Rey Mysterios mask clearly hasn’t changed that much in terms of design over the years, a truly generational talent and performer.

Imagine the scenes if he decided to don that Halloween Havoc attire again before he eventually retires, giving fans a real nostalgia hit!

Fans will remember back to this match as one of, if not the best from Rey Mysterio given how agile and fast he was with his young, diminutive stature before injuries and age saw him begin to slow up a little, although still phenomenal.

He will always be known for his spectacular acrobatics in the ring, so to see him perform a DDT like that and have fans swooning over his movement is no surprise to us.

During his career, Rey Mysterio has won the Cruiserweight Championship three times, including that one against Eddie Guerrero, two World Heavyweight Championships, two Intercontinental Championships, the Unites States Championship twice, a single WWE Championship whilst claiming four Tag-Team Championships.

A true icon of the WWE, happy Month of Mysterio!

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