WWE fan has theory on title reign

Liv Morgan is one of the biggest names in the WWE at the moment, holding the SmackDown Women’s Championship since that spectacular win.

First, she won the Money in the Bank ladder match to give her a shot at the title whenever she deemed fit, cashing that in on the same night.

She took advantage of a beaten up Ronda Rousey to claim the title which she defended properly in a rematch at SummerSlam, albeit a controversial one.

Her title will of course be defended again at the upcoming Clash at the Castle pay-per-view event. It takes place at the start of next month in Cardiff as the WWE returns across the Atlantic for the biggest show on the British shores for three decades.

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Shayna Baszler is the latest challenger for Liv Morgan’s title and will look to usurp the champion who has so far scrapped her way to the top, displaying great character.

The pair have had plenty of clashes recently, with Shayna Baszler threatening to break Liv Morgan’s arm on SmackDown this week, before opting to wait to do the damage in Cardiff. She stood on Liv Morgan’s head before unleashing a brutal kick to the side of her face, with the champion sharing an image of the damage caused.

As you can imagine, fans all have their own theories on champions and how they’re booked, with Liv Morgan being no different.

One fan has had their say on social media, with the theory getting lots of traction with fellow WWE fans who were keen to discuss.

StephanieHypes on Twitter said: “Liv Morgan’s reign I think is being booked like this on purpose. She’s an underdog champion. She has to literally scrap to hold onto the title, I don’t think she is supposed to look dominant. She will learn from her ‘mistakes’ and become a stronger competitor.”

Triple H will be the one with the final say on that, with the new Head of Creative taking charge of his second pay-per-view show since assuming the role.

The matchup during Clash at the Castle will give us a much better idea on how this theory is looking, as The Game begins to shape the WWE Universe the way he wants it to be.

He could go one of three ways, either keeps her as a scrappy underdog champion, turn her into a dominant force, or even decide to dethrone her – only time will tell.

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