WWE Head of Creative has shock plans in store for SmackDown star

Triple H, in his role as Head of Creative for WWE, seemingly has some big plans in store for SmackDown’s Happy Corbin.

Happy Corbin (formerly Baron Corbin) was given his start in WWE by Triple H as part of the NXT brand, giving him a lengthy undefeated streak.

And now that ‘The Game’ is running things on WWE’s main roster, it seems like Corbin could benefit in a big way.

What does Triple H have planned for Happy Corbin?

Since Triple H came to power in WWE, he’s put Happy Corbin on somewhat of a losing streak, but it seems like that’s been done by design.

During the September 2 episode of SmackDown, after losing to Shinsuke Nakamura, Corbin was seen walking backstage when a mystery man told him to get into his car.

While we couldn’t see the man’s face, his voice sounded remarkably similar to that of WWE Hall of Famer JBL’s, as you can see from the footage below.

Video: Mystery man offers help to Happy Corbin on the September 2 episode of SmackDown.

WWE, as you can see from the embedded tweet above, even asked if the mystery man was JBL, which they’re incredibly unlikely to do unless the Hall of Famer was going to be the eventual reveal.

JBL comments on potentially managing Happy Corbin in WWE

Speculation about JBL potentially being partnered with Happy Corbin on WWE TV has now intensified after the Hall of Famer commented on the matter.

Yesterday was Happy Corbin’s birthday, so WWE posted a tweet asking what fans would get for the 2019 King of the Ring tournament winner.

Responding to the tweet, as you can see below, JBL said that he’d get Corbin a manager, again fuelling the speculation that he’ll be working with the WWE Superstar in a similar role on TV.

How have fans reacted to the teases of a JBL & Happy Corbin partnership?

So, how have fans reacted to the teases that Corbin and JBL could be working together on WWE TV before too long? The general consensus is actually quite positive.

Below are a selection of tweets from fans, showing that the majority seem to be pretty excited about the prospect of JBL and Corbin being paired together on WWE TV soon.

As of right now, there’s no word on the exact plans that WWE has for Corbin and JBL, but all signs point towards the Hall of Famer being brought back to work with the former NXT star soon.

You can watch Friday Night SmackDown live every week over here in the UK on BT Sport and in the US on FOX.

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