WWE legend absolutely annihilated Big Show in 2003 rap battle

John Cena completely tore apart Big Show during the pair’s iconic rap battle on WWE SmackDown in 2003.

Before becoming one of the biggest stars that WWE has ever produced, John Cena was the rapping ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’.

In his role, Cena would occasionally come up with some rather risque lines, popping the slightly older members of the WWE Universe who understood his taboo jokes.

Aa Cena’s character did produce some pretty iconic segments, including one with Big Show in December 2003.

Cena had the crowd in the palm of his hand, as you can see above, delivering some truly savage lines to his fellow WWE Superstar.

As you can see below, John commented on his colleague’s weight, his Mom and the size of his penis… Yeah, it was interesting…

Did you eat from the toilet? I’m smelling mysterious gasses. Oh bro, close your mouth, you’ve got the breath of a thousand a**es. It’s either that, or you’re rocking some phoney pits. You’re just a fat slob with hairy baloney t***.

You need to hit them sit-ups too, you’re not exactly the leanest. Forgetting seeing me bro, you can’t even see your own penis. Mine is bigger than your finger. It’s as big as your whole head. You think I’m coming up short? That’s not what your Mom said.

“Since this is a battle rap, I know I’m getting hurt. How am I gonna get dissed by the white Fat Albert? So now your rap career is over. It’s time for you to quit. Ain’t no place for a 500lbs talking piece of s***.”

Footage of the hilarious rap battle has re-emerged online over the last few days, with newer fans of the product watching it for the first time simply in awe of just how badly Cena smoked Big Show on the mic.

Below are some of the reactions on Twitter to the clip of Cena tearing apart Big Show during the iconic rap battle, which as you can see, is still spoken about nine years after the fact.

Cena is now a full-time Hollywood star, but still appears on WWE TV the company wants him to, as long as his busy schedule allows for him.

Big Show, on the other hand, left WWE when his contract expired in 2021. He has since gone on to AEW as Paul Wight, where he’s a commentator and occasional wrestler.

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