WWE SmackDown’s best ever ending

WWE SmackDown has been entertaining us all on Friday nights since its inception in 1999 and the show always seems to deliver the goods.

Some of the biggest names in the industry have featured on the show such as The Undertaker, Kane, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin to name just a few.

They’ve all played their parts in the big moments on the franchise, with the WWE having a lot to thank them for.

Every show will culminate in a main event of some sort, with the craziest, most iconic one coming back in 2001, with it taking something pretty special to top it, Triple H will do his best, but it will be a monstrous task.

It was the build-up to Survivor Series, with The Rock being teamed up on by Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle.

However, carnage then broke out, with the biggest names in the industry joining the trio in the ring, scrapping with one another.

The action only lasted a couple of minutes, but it was finishing moves galore, with The Undertaker and Kane delivering some trademark Chokeslams with Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam and The Big Show also getting involved in the ring.

Jericho performed a signature Lionsault before the agile RVD delivered a Five Star Frog Splash on him.

Shane McMahon was in the ring with a steel chair that he used to down Kane, but then a huge strike from The Big Show sent him to the canvas.

To call this piece of footage a masterpiece wouldn’t be selling it short. When you consider all the PPV major events and what ensued there, the fact something from the regular Friday night show competes in terms of iconic moments shows us how perfect it was.

With the flurry of Superstars sprawled around the periphery of the ring, the three from the start of the chaos reappeared as the centre of attention.

The Rock managed to hit Kurt Angle with the iconic Rock Bottom before he was then sent to the canvas by a Stone Cold Stunner, leaving The Texas Rattlesnake the last man standing with the biggest and best names out for the count around him.

Then, to top off the carnage, Vince McMahon appears at the top of the ramp, looking on at what he has just created before delivering what can only be described as the smuggest, most sadistic grin you’ll ever see, with Stone Cold Steve Austin smiling back at his boss.

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