WWE star offers majorly surprising return update

Becky Lynch has provided an update on her injury status after separating her shoulder at WWE SummerSlam last month.

At SummerSlam on July 30, Becky Lynch was defeated by Bianca Belair in a Raw Women’s Championship match that was regarded by many as the match of the night.

Not only did Becky not walk out of Nashville with the Raw Women’s Championship, but she also walked out with a nasty injury, having suffered a separated shoulder early on in the match.

Becky turned babyface after the match to confront the returning Bayley, IYO SKY and Dakota Kai, so all of those plans immediately had to be dropped.

Two nights later, Becky appeared on Monday Night Raw to announce that she was injured, with it being declared that ‘The Man’ is going to be out of action for several months.

During an Instagram Live stream, Becky provided an update on her injury status, and all things considered, it’s really quite positive.

The former Raw Women’s Champion said that she’s hoping to be back “in the next couple of months”, and will be focused on writing her book during her time away from active competition (via WrestleTalk):

Hopefully, in the next couple of months. Now that I got bad wing, I have a little bit more time to dedicate to it (writing her book).

During the same stream, Becky spoke about how she initially thought she was going to be out of action for a prolonged period of time due to the amount of pain she was in.

However, she has since revealed that she is “healing up really quick” and regaining mobility in her shoulder, so suspects she could be back sooner than expected.

Yeah, I feel like I got a little bit more mobility in it because when it happened, it was so painful that I was like, ‘oh no, I’m going to be out for a long, long time.’ But now, it’s healing up really quick. I’m feeling strong. I’m feeling good. I’m hoping it won’t be much time at all.

Becky Lynch is injured right now
Becky Lynch is injured right now

This will come as music to the ears of WWE and Triple H, with the new Head of Creative potentially being able to factor Lynch back into his plans sooner than originally feared.

Many fans thought that a potential return at the Royal Rumble in January 2023 could be a great way to being Becky back, but her comments make it soon like she’ll be cleared much before then.

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