WWE star praised for being extremely safe as Alexa Bliss footage emerges

Doudrop proved during this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw that she’s one of the safest wrestlers on the WWE roster.

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament continued on Raw this week with a first-round match-up pitting Asuka and Alexa Bliss against Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H.

The match was won by Asuka and Bliss, who now advance to the semi-finals for a mouth-watering clash with IYO SKY and Dakota Kai.

While Doudrop may not have walked away from the match with the win, she’s come away with a lot of praise from fans on social media.

Footage of Doudrop sandwiching Bliss into the ring post has gone viral after the show, and it proves just how safe of a worker the former NXT UK star is.

As you can see from the footage above, Doudrop seamlessly puts her hands behind Alexa’s head, making the move a lot safer than it would have otherwise been.

This is particularly important for Alexa considering she’s suffered several concussions over the last few years.

The footage has proved just how brilliant of a worker Doudrop is, not only being safe in the ring with her opponents but also doing it seamlessly so her moves still look painful for those watching.

Fans online have picked up on how safe Doudrop was during the spot, and have praised for 31-year-old for his work, as you can see below.

Some wrestlers struggle to make their moves look believable, but also make them safe, and that seems to be something that Doudrop has mastered.

Speaking of Doudrop, the Englishwoman has revealed that she’s had conversations with Triple H about changing her name now that Vince McMahon has retired.

She was brought to Raw by Vince and turned from Piper Niven into Doudrop as part of her storyline with Eva Marie, and while many expected the name to be temporary while the storyline played out, it’s actually stuck.

However, now that Triple H has been appointed as Head of Creative, Doudrop has explained that conversations have been held about possibly reverting her back to her old character and name.

For more news on what the future might hold for Doudrop in WWE now that Triple H is in charge, make sure to stay tuned to GiveMeSport.

You can watch Doudrop on WWE Raw live every single week over in the US on the USA Network and in the UK on BT Sport.

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