WWE Superstar reveals 10 major things on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions

Charlotte Flair is an iconic name in WWE, becoming one of the most successful female wrestlers to ever grace the ring.

Obviously with a name like Flair, you kind of have to be successful. The Nature Boy has been able to see his legacy continue through his daughter.

She recently sat down with Stone Cold Steve Austin for his Broken Skull Sessions, with 10 interesting points revealed about the Superstar.

10. She wanted to be like Paige

When making the switch from NXT to the main WWE roster, Flair admitted that she wanted to be Paige as she did things how she wanted to the beat of her own drum.

9. Original finisher plans

Finishing moves are a major part of any Superstar. However, Flair is a submission specialist just like her father. Her original plan was to always perform her Natural Selection from the top rope as it would look better, however it wasn’t sustainable to her body.

8. WrestleMania 35

She was thrust into the main event at the premium event of the year with very little storyline, with Vince McMahon failing to capitalise on the story after the event, something that was a major frustration for Flair.

7. Triple H regret

Triple H is going to be aggressive in making changes to WWE TV
Triple H is going to be aggressive in making changes to WWE TV

Flair has had a great relationship with Triple H due to her NXT days, however, she didn’t ask for advice from The Game which she regrets. She was fearful that she would be seen to be abusing the relationship he had with her dad and she didn’t want it to come across as so.

6. Wishing Backlash was WrestleMania

The matches she had with Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania and WrestleMania backlash were the wrong ways round in terms of quality, with the showcase match at WrestleMania not as good as the one at Backlash, something she was critical on herself for.

5. Hopes for Asuka

Arguably Flair’s greatest rival, she hoped her former foe can be given a mouthpiece so she can get going on a run given how highly she is rated by The Queen.

4. Becky Lynch feud

Whilst she didn’t go into too much detail, she made sure we knew that there was major friction between her and the Irish wrestler, but she did claim it was due to them both fighting for that top spot on the card.

3. That title drop

Whilst talking to Stone Cold, she admitted that the infamous title drop with Becky Lynch was an accident before picking it back up, with her character not the type to pick it up if dropped intentionally.

2. Heel return

Flair has been away from the ring for a while whilst she enjoys married life, however, she is going to return to the WWE as a heel to shake things up and make huge changes.

1. Thoughts on Sasha Banks and Naomi

Sasha Banks and Naomi could return on WWE Raw tonight
Sasha Banks and Naomi could return on WWE Raw tonight

The major talking point that seems to never go away is the walk out from Sasha Banks and Naomi, with Stone Cold not shying away from the topic. Flair admits she can’t comment too much as she hasn’t been around the organisation, but she would feel weird not wrestling with Sasha Banks again and claimed Naomi still has more to offer.

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