WWE’s new Head of Creative has rebranded NXT once again

Triple H, much to the delight of WWE fans, has decided to rebrand NXT once again.

When Triple H went down with his heart issues last year, which saw him nearly die, Vince McMahon decided to take NXT in a new direction.

Gone were the days of NXT being the place for the best wrestlers in the world, Vince took the brand down much more of a “developmental” path, but that’s seemingly about to change again.

What has Triple H done with WWE NXT?

At the end of last night’s episode of NXT 2.0, a promo package played where Shawn Michaels spoke about how his brand needs to look to constantly evolve.

The video finished with the unveiling of a brand new NXT logo, which looks to be a combination of the colourful NXT 2.0 logo, and the old black and gold logo from Triple H’s time running the brand.

It seems like the show is also going to go back to being called just NXT, doing away with the “2.0” name, which has led people to suggest it’ll be more like the show Triple H produced between 2012 and 2020.

You can watch Shawn Michaels’ announcement video below, as well as the unveiling of the new NXT logo…

Video: Shawn Michaels’ announcement for the new direction of NXT and the unveiling of the brand’s new logo

So, while the direction of NXT over the coming weeks isn’t exactly known, it’s clear that in his new role as Head of Creative, Triple H wants to try something new with the brand that he made his name with.

Reaction from fans to the latest WWE NXT announcement

When NXT originally turned into NXT 2.0, and the brand was taken away from Triple H’s vision, fans of the product were left rather unhappy.

So, now that Triple H has his hands back on the product and NXT is seemingly going back in the direction that it was during the height of its popularity, how do WWE fans feel?

As you can see from the selection of tweets shown below, the general feeling amongst fans to the suspected changes seems to be incredibly positive.

Of course, fans are going to have to wait a few weeks to figure out what the new direction for NXT really is, as a new logo and the dropping of the “2.0” aren’t enough on their own to go off.

However, it seems like fans have reason to be optimistic about the future of the brand, especially now that it’s being headed up by Shawn Michaels, who has the full support of Triple H.

You can watch WWE NXT live every week here in the UK on BT Sport and over in the US on the USA Network.

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